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Wednesday14th Sep 2011

  • Hands On Kinect Sports Season Two

    We visit Rare's UK HQ to experience what could be this Christmas' biggest Kinect title

    Given the incredible commercial and critical response to the original Kinect Sports, it was inevitable that a sequel of some description would occur. What was slightly less predictable was the news that the legendary British code house Rare would be co-developing...

Monday5th Sep 2011

  • News First Puss in Boots Screenshots Look Furry Good

    You might be surprised

    Licensed games rarely look good, but we have to say that the first screenshots of Puss in Boots don't look bad at all. The Kinect-exclusive title puts you in the feline footwear of the titular cat, with the official details laying out a three-stroke gameplay system: Master the style and charm of Puss in Boots in an engaging...

Friday2nd Sep 2011

Friday26th Aug 2011

  • News GamingZap Shows Off New Powerless Kinect Adaptor

    It'll make sense

    When Microsoft launched Kinect in November 2010, it faced a problem: how to get the sensor to draw power from older Xbox 360 consoles, as well as the newer S models. The simple solution was to bundle a USB to mains adaptor, but that still requires a separate plug socket. UK retailer GamingZap has just launched a way around it: the...

Tuesday16th Aug 2011

Thursday11th Aug 2011

Monday8th Aug 2011

Wednesday3rd Aug 2011

  • News Grab a Matte Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect

    Gloss over

    At the moment the Xbox 360 S comes in two flavours: 250GB and 4GB, in glossy and matte finishes respectively. A new challenger is about to enter the ring though, with a matte 250GB console on the way. There's no word on when the new bundle will be available or if Microsoft has made any changes other than taking the dust-sucking gloss...

Thursday21st Jul 2011

Wednesday20th Jul 2011

Monday18th Jul 2011

  • First Impressions The Black Eyed Peas Experience

    Rock that body

    Michael Jackson: The Experience was a pretty good attempt at bringing the King of Pop to the living room, but the Black Eyed Peas are a totally different undertaking: whereas the MJ game put you in Michael's shoes in his legendary live shows and music videos, in The Black Eyed Peas Experience you don't play as, Fergie or the...

Saturday16th Jul 2011

  • First Impressions Just Dance 3

    Get on the floor!

    Until now Harmonix has undoubtedly had the Kinect dancing market all sewn up, but that dominance will meet its sternest challenge yet in October when Ubisoft brings the astonishingly successful Just Dance brand across to Xbox 360 in the luridly coloured form of Just Dance 3. At first glance, very little has changed from its Wii...

Friday15th Jul 2011

  • First Impressions Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012

    Toned up

    Ubisoft knows when it's onto a good thing: not only is the publisher bringing Just Dance 3 to Kinect, it's also gearing up to launch a sequel to the sensor's biggest selling fitness title. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 is set for release this November with all the original game's content and some new tricks up its sleeve too. Game...

Wednesday13th Jul 2011

  • News There's a Kinect Game Out Even We Didn't Know About

    Hope you like singing

    We pride ourselves on knowing pretty much everything there is to know about Kinect, but we're not infallible Kinect-powered robots: sometimes we miss things. This is one of those things. While there are still no Kinect-enabled games to download on Xbox Live Arcade, there's already an Indie game available: Avatar Superstar for...

Saturday9th Jul 2011

  • First Impressions Kinect Sports: Season Two

    Another big score for Microsoft?

    Last night we brought you our First Impressions of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier from Microsoft's Christmas showcase, and next on our travels was the sequel to Rare's Kinect Sports, without doubt one of Kinect's best launch games. We were quickly told that the motion tracking had been vastly improved from the first...

Friday8th Jul 2011

Wednesday6th Jul 2011

  • News Make Your Room Bigger with Nyko's Kinect Zoom

    40% less space required

    If your living room isn't quite big enough for Kinect to work properly, you might be interested in Nyko's handy new accessory, the Zoom for Kinect. The peripheral manufacturer has announced the new bit of kit will release across North America on 23rd August at $29.99. Clipping over Kinect's eyes, the accessory means you'll...

Monday4th Jul 2011

  • Rumour Fighters Uncaged Preparing for Round 2

    Make it stop

    Not had enough of the physical torture inflicted by Ubisoft's Fighters Uncaged? Ubisoft has got you covered then, according to a recent release schedule from major retailer Gamestation. The list reveals Fighters Uncaged 2 from Ubisoft, with a release date of 11th November. No further information is given. Gamestation has previously...

Wednesday29th Jun 2011

Tuesday28th Jun 2011

Monday27th Jun 2011

  • News Fruit Ninja Kinect Release Date and Price Confirmed

    Coming to fruition in August

    We love Fruit Ninja Kinect here at Kinectaku — that much should be obvious from our exhaustive Fruit Ninja Kinect preview. Thankfully, the rest of you will be lucky enough to experience this amazing title on the 10th of August, because it's being launched as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade 2011. The Big M has just...

Thursday23rd Jun 2011

Friday10th Jun 2011

  • News 2K Play Announces Nickelodeon Dance for Kinect

    Get down with the kids

    2K kids label 2K Play is mining a rich seam of Kinect games based on Nickelodeon characters — first here was Nicktoons MLB, now there's Nickelodeon Dance, coming to Xbox 360 later this year. The game will feature Dora the Explorer, Diego and the Backyardigans, whom we assume your kids or younger siblings might recognise...

Monday6th Jun 2011

Tuesday31st May 2011

  • News Kinect, PlayStation Eye and Wii All Mount Your TV

    Why change?

    CTA Digital's Kinect wall mount and TV clip lets you easily switch between the sensor and Sony's PlayStation Eye for PlayStation Move, but if that's just too much like hard work — or you have a Nintendo Wii too — then dreamGear's Trimount might be for you. The enormous mount lets you stack your Kinect, Eye camera and Wii sensor bar...

Friday27th May 2011

  • News Pro Boxer James DeGale Practises with Kinect Sports Boxing

    Recently lost. Probably a coincidence.

    As countless tired gamers can attest, Kinect Sports boxing is a tough workout, but it's so gruelling even professionals use it to keep their training interesting. Professional boxer James DeGale recently took media behind the scenes at his gym in Essex, where he revealed he loves nothing more than a bit of...

Wednesday25th May 2011

  • News Blacklight Team Working on Kinect "Zero Person Shooter"

    So CV says

    According to a pair of CVs posted on LinkedIn, Zombie Studios is in the process of creating a new title for Kinect. The team behind admittedly mediocre online shooter Blacklight: Tango Down is apparently creating a "zero person shooter" according to one programmer's CV, that uses the Unreal Engine 3 currently seen powering Gears...

Tuesday10th May 2011

  • Talking Point What Should Microsoft Do With Kinect At E3?

    Tell us your hopes

    Microsoft's E3 2011 news conference is only a few weeks away, and our thoughts are turning towards what the company will show off on Monday 6th June. Here's a list of what we believe Microsoft should do with Kinect in order to capture the imagination like it did at E3 2010. Improved Tracking: In its current form, Kinect can track...

  • News Forget Video Kinect, Skype is Coming to Xbox 360

    Welcome news indeed

    Video Kinect is Microsoft's free online chat programme for Xbox 360, and while it has a few neat tricks — Kinect will follow you around the room, zooming in and out accordingly — it's about to get some tough competition, as Microsoft has confirmed Skype is coming to Xbox 360. Microsoft shelled out $8.5 billion — the press...