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Friday25th May 2012

Tuesday1st May 2012

  • News The List of Skyrim Kinect Voice Commands is Here

    English and Dragon supported

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gets Kinect voice command support today, and we have a list of supported commands. Use a dragon shout in English without holding RB, or push down the bumper and say one, two or three words of the dragon language equivalent and magic happens. You can also use Kinect to navigate menus and...

Wednesday25th Apr 2012

  • News Ice Age Tie-In Coming to Kinect This Year

    Arctic edge

    Activision's just announced it's bringing Ice Age: Continental Draft — Arctic Games to Kinect in 2012. Guess what? It's a minigame compilation. Nobody could have guessed that. If you're saying you guessed that, you're lying. The story says something about the team splitting a secret treasure through a series of "off-the-wall...

Friday13th Apr 2012

  • First Impressions Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

    Metal madness

    Pack it up, folks: with Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, we have reached the apex of video games as an entertainment medium. We now have the technology and, apparently, the desire to fist-bump our computer cohorts, and there's no going back. "Bro-op" aside, From Software's Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor's mammoth task is...

Thursday22nd Mar 2012

  • News Disney Wants You to Be Brave on Kinect

    Red hair optional

    Not content with inspiring Kinect Rush: A Disney•Pixar Adventure with its past works, Disney•Pixar's next movie Brave will get its own Kinect-powered game too. Coming this summer, the third-person adventure game isn't Kinect exclusive: sounds to us like the sensor will only be used in an archery spin-off mode, but we've been...

Monday19th Mar 2012

  • News Fit Music is Kinect's Most Self-Explanatory Game

    Can you tell what it is yet?

    Fitness, dancing, Kinect: the holy trinity for game publishers. The next company to try its luck is Oxygene Media with the ingeniously titled Fit Music. Fronted by European fitness champion Patrizia Salviato — described as "one of the best body building superstars ever" by Oxygene — the game is coming to...

Thursday23rd Feb 2012

  • News BBFC Pegs Dragon Ball Z Kinect for June Launch

    Just Saiyan

    After Korea rated Dragon Ball Z for Kinect last week, now the British Board of Film Classification is on on the act, slapping a 12 rating — and release date — on the game. According to the BBFC, the game's release UK date is 15th June 2012, not too shabby considering Namco Bandai is yet to announce the game officially. We imagine...

Wednesday8th Feb 2012

  • News Country Dance All Stars Song List Confirmed


    Want to know which of your favourite country music stars will feature in the upcoming Country Dance All Stars, due out later next month? Well boy howdy, have we got a treat for you. Featuring no fewer than three artists called Josh — Kelley, Thompson and Turner, of course — as well as classic acts Johnny Cash, Carrie Underwood and, er,...

Wednesday25th Jan 2012

  • Blog Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Kinect

    Straight from the horse's mouth

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13's Kinect features were detailed in a video yesterday, and now we have a developer blog from EA Sports explaining more about Kinect integration in Tiger Woods this year. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Kinect Features: Hi, my name is Eric Busch, and I’m one of the designers on Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13...

Wednesday18th Jan 2012

Tuesday17th Jan 2012

  • News SEGA's 2012 Olympics Game Gains Kinect Support

    Back on track

    SEGA' has today announced London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games will include Kinect features. By the sounds of it you won't be able to take on all 30 events with Kinect: the press release only mentions 110m hurdles and beach volleyball, already seen in the likes of Kinect Sports of course. Here's the first trailer,...

Friday13th Jan 2012

Friday30th Dec 2011

  • News Kinect Fitness Games Go Cheap for New Year

    Save some pounds (or dollars)

    If part of your New Year's Resolution is to get fit and you want to use Kinect to do it, we've rustled up some superb deals to help you do so cheaply. Don't forget we also have a Guide to Kinect fitness games and Kinect fitness game reviews too. UK Kinect Deals: January sales are a big deal in the

Sunday25th Dec 2011

  • Guide Starting Out with Kinect

    Get the most from your sensor right away

    So you've unwrapped all your presents and found a shiny new Kinect and games. Congratulations, and welcome aboard! Unlike every other motion controller on the market, you don't need anything in your hands to play Kinect — with no controllers and no buttons you're free to use your body and voice to play the...

Monday19th Dec 2011

  • News Even Kinect Star Wars Succumbs to Kinect Dance Mania

    Is nothing sacred?

    Kinect does some things very well — dancing, for instance. That's why there are 13 Kinect dancing games out now, but the genre's seeping into other games: games we thought were safe from move-busting. Games like Kinect Star Wars. The ESRB has rated the game and revealed it now includes dancing tournaments alongside the...

Wednesday14th Dec 2011

  • News Put Your Darts Skills On the Line with Kinect Contest

    Can you hit the bullseye?

    Microsoft is giving UK gamers the chance to put their darts skills on the line with a new Kinect Sports: Season Two competition. To enter, download the free Kinect Sports darts Gamerpic before Sunday 18th December and play a single-player darts match on Live between 1pm and 5pm on 7th or 8th January. Three players will be...

  • News Kinect Sports: Season Two Golf DLC Out Next Week

    Fore-hundred MSP

    You can treat your caddy to some new sights next week, as Kinect Sports: Season Two is due to get nine new holes from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The Maple Lakes golf pack launches on 20th December for 400 Microsoft Points, adding nine new holes alongside new Challenges and Achievements. On the same day the game will also get a free...

Thursday8th Dec 2011

  • News Kinect-Powered Dance Evolution Arcade Game On the Way

    Kinect leaves the living room

    Next year Kinect will throw off its living room shackles and join the arcade scene, as Konami has announced it's working on an arcade version of Dance Evolution (or DanceMasters) for release in 2012. The game is currently on test at certain locations in Japan, with the sensor tucked away inside the arcade cabinet...

Monday28th Nov 2011

  • Rumour Kinect 2 Capable of Reading Lips and Emotions

    Project Skynet commences

    After last week's next Xbox rumours comes another set from Eurogamer, this time focusing on the upgraded Kinect said to come with every machine. Anonymous sources have apparently told Eurogamer Kinect 2 is capable of lip reading, and can detect emotion in the user's voice. Eurogamer also claims the next Kinect can...

Thursday24th Nov 2011

  • Rumour Next Xbox Split in Two Models for Kinect and Core

    Which would you choose?

    Xbox 360 has been around for six years now, and although regular Dashboard updates and the introduction of Kinect have kept things fresh, eyes are starting to turn towards the next machine in the Xbox line. The latest rumours, from technical wizards Digital Foundry (via Eurogamer), claim that the new machine will come in two...

Monday21st Nov 2011

  • Feature Kinect Holiday Gift Guide 2011

    What's worth your money?

    There are over 80 games available for Kinect now, and knowing exactly which one to pick up as a present can be a tough proposition. That's why we've put together our Kinect holiday game guide 2011 to let you know exactly what you should be looking for when picking a game this season. We've split this article into five...

Sunday20th Nov 2011

  • Talking Point What's Kinect Doing Right or Wrong?

    One year on, how's it going?

    Kinect has had a full 12 months to bed itself in, and arguably the standard of releases this Christmas is higher than what the sensor launched with last year, but the sensor still hasn't established itself as a home for quality games. In the past few days we've seen an encouragingly healthy discussion about the matter...

Tuesday8th Nov 2011

  • News Be Soothed by Deepak Chopra's Leela's Soundtrack

    It's Sumthing Else

    A good soundtrack is crucial to any relaxation experience, so it's probably good news that the tunes accompanying Deepak Chopra's Leela will be released separately on 15th November. The soundtrack, put together by Sumthing Else Music Works, draws from "traditional string instruments and dubstep" and features artists...

Monday7th Nov 2011

  • News Free Kinect Sports Season Two DLC Out Now

    Up your game

    We're big fans of Kinect Sports: Season Two here at KINECTaku, especially now Rare's released some new downloadable content for free. Available on Xbox Live Marketplace today, the Kinect Sports: Season Two Challenge Pack #1 adds new modes to each sport: Crazy Kicker (American Football), Frantic Fielder (Baseball), Cool Ringings...

Wednesday2nd Nov 2011

  • News The Worst Kinect Photoshop We've Ever Seen

    You won't believe your eyes

    You'd think paying some actors to stand in front of a TV and Kinect and pretend they're having a great time would be among the easiest parts of releasing a game. You'd probably be right, which makes this back of box art for MotionSports Adrenaline even more brilliant. We're no Photoshop experts, but even we can tell that...

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