Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Tips And Tricks For Getting Started

Halo Infinite's multiplayer has arrived early, and you're going to need some tips and tricks to help you hit the ground running, with huge numbers of players already joining in the action across Xbox One, Series X, Series S, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Whether you're a battle-hardened Halo master or newbie checking out the series for the very first time, there are a few key things you should know to help ease you into your first few matches and get a foothold in the chaos that is Halo's online component.

So, let's take a look at a few tips and tricks to help you out as you settle in!

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Use Your Equipment To Full Effect

As you bound around levels in Halo Infinite's twelve online modes, you'll come across lots of swanky new equipment, from Overshields - which can now be activated at any point after you pick them up - to cloaks, Grappleshots and Repulsors.

All of this gear is lost when you get killed so make sure to use it when you've got it or, if you don't want the item you've currently got equipped, change it out by hovering over a different piece of gear at its spawn location. It's also a good idea to experiment with this stuff as it often has uses that aren't immediately obvious, let's check these out below.


The Grappleshot can be used to hook yourself to new locations or whip your spartan out of a tight spot, sure, but did you know you can also use it to pull weapons towards you or grapple enemies and vehicles?


The Repulsor uses anti-grav tech to deflect incoming attacks with a well-timed button press, but it can also be used to damage enemies within melee distance, launch objects out of your way and, if you point it at the floor, you can even have it blast you up into the air to reach higher ground or escape from certain death.

Threat Sensor

Deploy the Threat Sensor in order to emit a pulse that highlights enemies in your HUD, all very cool, but did you know you can also shoot this thing at an enemy and have it attach to them so it acts like a tracking beacon? Now you do.


The good old Overshield is a Halo staple but now when you pick it up you can choose to activate it when you see fit, rather than have it immediately become active upon pickup. Use this wisely in order to survive attacks or maybe turn it on as you grab a flag or slide into a control point and start picking off the opposing team.

Drop Wall

The Drop Wall can save you in a pinch as this ability gives you two great big shields to drop down in order to soak up plenty of incoming fire whilst still allowing you to shoot through them. However, it's also useful to remember that when confronted with an enemy Drop Wall you can quickly dismantle it by focusing your fire on a small metal strip at the bottom!

Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Tips And Tricks For Getting Started 1

D-Pad Functions Are Your Friend

Your trusty D-Pad is loaded with tricks that will help you wIn the day and gain a tactical advantage over less clued-in foes. Let's take a look at what's on there.

Up - Press up on the D-pad in order to ping items for the benefit of your team. Whether you're using mics or not this is a super essential function that can be used to highlight weapons, items and objectives. Found a cool gun or item that you don't need? Ping it for your teammates. Work together to win big.

Down - Pressing down on the D-pad activates your AI Scan. Yes, your AI isn't just that cute little light and voice you can personalise in the menus, it also acts to pulse scan your surrounding area with a push of a button in order to highlight nearby equipment. Use it wisely.

Left - Switch Grenades. You can pick up lots of different types of grenades in Halo Infinite and they are all useful in various situations. Use the left D-Pad in order to cycle through them and pick the one you need at any given time.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Tips And Tricks For Getting Started 2

Quick Tips

Alongside everything we've learned above there are also some other simple little things to remember in order to give yourself a better chance on the battlefield.

Drop Your Weapon

Hold in the Y button to drop any weapon you're carrying, apart from your side pistol. This is a new function for Infinite and you can use it to rid yourself of unwanted guns, drop them for your teammates or maybe even use them to bait an enemy.


Sliding doesn't just look and feel cool to do, it can also help you escape tricky situations as well as get you you closer to objectives and targets more quickly. Use it often and use it well.

Check Your Radar

It's turned off in ranked matches but in every other mode your radar is there to help you out. Keep a close eye on it for nearby movement, whether it's enemies or vehicles, which will appear as red dots if they're making any noise whatsoever.


Maybe you're out of ammo, maybe you hate the gun you've currently got equipped, or maybe you just really want to punch somebody in the face. Whatever the reason, it's good to know that melee takes two shots to kill an enemy who has full shields and health and one if you've already got them damaged and shields down. It's our favourite way to finish off a fight or take revenge on a bothersome foe.

Broken Shields Give Off Static

If you see an enemy with an electrical charge around them, it's because their shields are busted. It's time to move in for the kill.

Stick Together

Playing objective-based games it's crucial that you and your fireteam stick closely together in order to control and capture points as well as dominate the enemy in shootouts. There's very little good that can come from running off on your own unless you know you can get a sneaky capture in.

Flag Carrying

When you've got the flag in your hands during a game of CTF, remember that you can ditch it at any time in order to fight back, then pick it up and move on again. You can also use it to perform a powerful melee attack on anyone who gets the drop on you. Nothing says "I'm the boss" like killing an enemy with his own flag.

Power Weapons Are Not On Racks For A Reason

Weapons in Halo Infinite's multiplayer sit on racks that recharge and indicate both the weapon type and how long until it will become available again. Except for power weapons. These sit on the ground in exposed areas, and for a reason. Use these tempting pickups to trick and bait your foes, wait for your enemy to attempt to grab them and move in for the kill, grappleshot them right out of their way or use grenades to blow them into the sky and out of reach. By the same token, you should always be cautious around power weapon points, as you just know everyone else is waiting to do the same to you.

Tutorials FTW!

Last but not least, Halo Infinite has got tutorials and practice matches against bots that you can avail of to practice with weapons, learn the layouts of maps, get tips on gameplay basics and just generally find your feet and get a feel for the game and its combat. Make sure to use them and have fun!

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Have you got any more Halo Infinite tips, tricks or gameplay hints you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments!