Halo Infinite Campaign: All Banished Audio Log Locations

Welcome to our Halo Infinite Banished Audio Log Guide where we'll show you the exact locations of each and every one of these little tidbits of lore and backstory.

Zeta Halo is absolutely chock full of collectible logs for both the Banished and USNC and although some are easily found in the more linear sections of the game, many are really well hidden away around the game's large open world. So, if you're having trouble filling out your collection of Banished audio logs, you've come to the right place as we've found 100% of them and provided maps and pics as to their whereabouts below.

If you prefer to do most of the searching on your own, or are still a bit lost even with our guide, remember to use your pulse ability in game by pressing down on the d-pad to help locate the orange glowing outline of nearby collectible logs. Also, listen out carefully for their tell-tale proximity beeping noise, which gets louder as you approach.

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Banished Escharum's Testimony #1

In the huge Banished-filled control room near the end of the first level aboard the Warship Gbrakkon, you can find this first log by heading down onto the main catwalk in the centre of the room, take your first right and it'll be sat in the right hand corner of that area. Scan and listen for pulse.

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Banished Escharum's Testimony #2

Aboard the Foundation in the game's second level, you'll fight your way across a few bridges full of enemies in a long room, get to the end of this room and you can pick this one up just before you exit through the door.


Banished Escharum's Testimony #03

Our next audio log is sat in a small metal cabin in The Tower complex at the location in the map and pic below. The cabin is just before the ramp that takes you up to the controls to deactivate the area's grav lift.

Banished Escharum's Testimony #04

Our next log is sat directly opposite from the button you need to push in order to shut down the huge laser drill at the Excavation Site during the campaign mission set there. An easy find.

Banished Escharum's Testimony #05

You'll find this next log during the Pelican Down mission which takes places on a tiny little piece of the world map. Head to the westernmost AA gun that you need to take out, as marked on our map below, and you'll find this in one of the first sheds you come across as you cross the bridge into the facility.

Banished Escharum's Testimony #06

If you take the large elevator down from the middle/top AA gun during Pelican Down, you'll come to a small area with some enemies to take out. To your immediate right as you step off the elevator is a metal hut, in here you find this log. The exact location is marked on the map below.

Banished Escharum's Testimony #07

This banished log is directly south a little from the most easterly AA gun in Pelican Down. Within the gun compound, you'll find it in a tin shed. Pic and map below.

Banished Escharum's Testimony #08

Deep into the game now and you'll find this one as you enter the third trial in the House of Reckoning. It's sat just where we've picture below as you enter the arena.

Banished Escharum's Testimony #09

You'll find this next log directly behind where the pilot is tied up in the room in which he's being held in the House of Reckoning.


Banished Outpost Intel #01

Sat inside a bunker at the Armory of Reckoning that you'll need to open up in order to rescue some UNSC troops, this one's an easy grab.

Banished Outpost Intel #02

You'll find this next one inside the Armory of Reckoning Fortress. It's sat inside the main armoury room once you've gained access by exposing and destroying all three of the facility's cores.

Banished Outpost Intel #03

This one is located in the Horn of Abolition fortress at the back of the building you'll need to enter in order to expose the facilities' power cells. Check around for a weapons rack and you'll find this log sat to its right, as shown below.

Banished Outpost Intel #04

Our next log is in the control room of the Horn of Abolition fortress, which you can see below. You'll need to enter this room to lift the lockdown on the area when you first attack it, so make sure to nab this one while you're there.

Banished Outpost Intel #05

Inside the Fort of Teash you'll find a bunker that leads underground, we've pinpointed it on a map and pictured it below. Head in here to grab this next Banished entry. Watch out though, it's surrounded by big brute enemies!

Banished Outpost Intel #06

Again in the Fort Of Teash and this log is in a vehicle repair building that also houses a Spartan Core, you can see our green icon located in the exact spot on the map below where you'll find it. Beware again that this is serious enemy territory with lots of brutes in the building.

Banished Outpost Intel #07

This one is in the Redoubt of Sundering fortress and is located in a shack at the bottom of the hill that leads down from the building where you rescued the final prisoner to complete the area mission.

Banished Outpost Intel #08

Another inside the Redoubt of Sundering Fortress and, once you've cleared the area of guards and freed of UNSC captives, you'll be sent to a cabin at the back of the complex to rescue another prisoner, you'll find this next log sat just inside the door.

Banished Outpost Intel #09

This next log can be found in the Ransom Keep area of the map where you'll do battle with the Banished and shut down their vehicle repair bays. One of the bays, the one with a busted Scorpion tank on the left of its entrance, holds this log, which is sat just inside its main doors as pictured below.

Banished Outpost Intel #10

This next log is once again in Ransom Keep, this time sat just in behind one of the towers you need to destroy in order to complete the mission in the keep. You can see the exact location below.


Banished Outpost Intel #11

During the Annex Ridge base mission you'll need to go find a control room to bypass the Banished network. Follow the waypoint and it'll take you through a short network of tunnels where you'll find this log waiting in plain sight.

Banished Outpost Intel #12

Right beside the console you need to use to raise the base fuel silo, you'll find this audio log easily.

Banished Outpost Intel #13

This Banished log is inside Riven Gate, located in the map below, and you'll need to make you way to the building that houses controls to lower the first of three gates in the fortress in order to find it.

Banished Outpost Intel #14

During the dramatic battle in Riven Gate fortress, located below, you'll eventually need to find a power source to shut the place down. On your way into the area that contains the source, as indicated by your waypoint in-game, you'll pass by this log sat in the open.

Banished Outpost Intel #15

This one is nestled snugly beside some big red crates below the path that takes you up to the landing pad at Outpost Tremonius. As pictured below!



Banished Archaeological Findings #01

In the northernmost Beacon site you'll find another log laying just inside the main doors, once you've cleared the area of enemies and ended lockdown.

Banished Archaeological Findings #02

This next log is in the first beacon that you'll visit during the Reconstruct The Forerunner Sequence mission. It's an easy spot as you make you way up and into the building.

Banished Archaeological Findings #03

Next up and this log is inside the southernmost Beacon that you'll need to investigate during the Reconstruct The Forerunner Sequence mission. Like in each of the other beacons, you'll find it as you move up through the building.

Banished Archaeological Findings #04

This one is the last we found in the final Beacon we stormed as part of the Reconstruct The Forerunner Sequence mission. Once again it's straight up into the building so you can't miss it.

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