How To Beat Halo Infinite's Bosses


This quick guide features lots of details and pictures of every single boss encounter in Halo Infinite's campaign mode so please don't scroll any further if you're not prepared to have these things revealed to you.

You'll face off against a total of eight bosses during your time with the Halo Infinite campaign and although none of these fights are tough or complex enough to be worthy of their own individual guide entries, we've gone ahead and put them all together here along with a few handy tips as to how we went about besting them all.



How To Beat Chak 'Lok Boss In Halo Infinite

Just before you free your Spartan pal from his prison in the Tower, you're going to need to face off against this stealthy opponent who uses his camo to hide himself from Master Chief as he manoeuvres around a small area with his plasma sword.

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Luckily at this point you've just unlocked the threat sensor utility for your suit, and so all you need to do here is fire off a sensor dart into the centre of the room so that its range encompasses the battle arena. Now you can see your opponent's outline at all times. In order to make short work of Chak' Lok, grab the shock cannisters from around the sides of the room, smash them at him and he'll freeze in place briefly, allowing you to get lots of shots in.

Giving him the opportunity to move freely here is highly dangerous as he immediately moves in to deal massive damage with melee attacks, you need to keep moving and don't let up with the shock cannisters. It should take you around three hits with these, followed by as much damage as you can dish out while he's stunned, to finish him off.

Simply rinse and repeat this tactic a few times and you'll have this boss down in no time.

How To Beat Bassus Boss In Halo Infinite

Once you're ready to shut down the great big laser drill that's stopping you entering the Banished dig site during the Excavation Site mission, you'll be rudely interrupted just as your about to switch it off by Bassus.

This loudmouth is feel pretty confident, as he should, he's got himself absolutely encased in armour and equipped with a gravity hammer.

This scrap takes places in pretty tight confines and so the key here is to keep moving and stay as far away from Bassus as possible, move to one side of the room right to the end of the corridor, get your shots in from range and then move and jump over or away from his hammer attack and get to the other side of the area to rinse and repeat.

Luckily Bassus has actually got a pretty weak shield that takes little punishment and his heath deteriorates quickly so each attack you make on him should see him accrue a fair amount of damage. The room also has some pretty beefy weapons scattered all around, so you just need to pummel him to stagger him briefly where you can, take down his shield and batter his health. We found shock grenades excellent here, taking his shield to zero then hitting him with a grenade to lock him in place and firing off some really big shots from skewers or launchers to destroy his health.

It might take a few tries as he can kill you in just one or two hits, but there's not really much to this one in the end, and it won't be long before you've shut this guy's massive trap.

How To Beat Adjutant Resolution Boss In Halo Infinite

A seemingly nice chap who turns thoroughly unpleasant, you'll face off against the Adjutant atop the Spire and it's a pretty easy fight all things told.

Adjutant takes damage from hard light weapons and luckily there's two weapon racks in the room in which the fight takes place that has a nice stock of them, as well as some handy ammo refill points.

To take this tin can down, you need to blow off all four off his robotic suit's metal appendages. After each one is destroyed you'll get a shot at the Adjutant himself, get a blast off at his centre and then rinse and repeat.

In terms of his attacks, you only need to watch out for his extremely powerful beam which will take you down fast. It shouldn't be too hard to dodge though as the room is full of pillars and hiding spots.

Just take one limb down at a time, get your shots off at core and then avoid that beam and before long you'll have this guy exploding into little pieces.

How To Beat Tovarus and Hyperius Boss In Halo Infinite

You've got two Spartan killers to deal with once you've completed the AA gun destruction in Pelican Down and these guys can be tricky if you don't have a game plan.

This fight takes place in a large open swampy area and there are lots of weapons and explosive cannisters around to make use of. Both enemies hit hard with heavy fire and, in our experience, Hyperius can be drawn in to fight close quarters, whilst Tovarus keeps his distance to pound you with mini-gun fire.

The key here, or at least the way we played it, is to draw Hyperius in and get rid of him first. To do this we aggro'd him and drew him in beside the huge ship wreckage that lines the south side of the arena so we could then use that for cover as we destroyed his shield and health with shots. He goes down pretty quickly once you've got him isolated in this manner.

Next, the wilier Tovarus, and a trick we used here was to stay in the cover of the ships to the south and then pound him with a BR rifle until his shields were down. Then we jumped into the gunner's position of a warthog that's just on the bottom level of the ship ruins and blasted him until his health was almost fully depleted. We then hopped out of the jeep and quickly finished him with SPNKR fire. There are lots of this weapon lying around the arena so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one.

You'll also need to watch out for a few other nearby enemies that get involved but they aren't much trouble if you basically use the wrecks of the ships to your advantage. There are lots ranged weapons on a rack outside the wreckage to snipe at your foes to make this battle pretty easy if you just take your time and stay out of the open. Good luck!

Adjutant Resolution Part Two

Not too much to say about this second fight against the Adjutant. It's the same deal all over again, shoot his mechanical limbs then hit his centre when he goes down, rinse and repeat. However, this time you need to look out for his Sentinels, who don't pop up in large numbers but can cause you bother if you get caught out in the open here.

Control the room, use cover wisely and keep blasting those limbs off and you'll have this guy down again in no time.

How To Beat Jega 'Rdomnai Boss In Halo Infinite

The final test of your mettle in the House of Reckoning...well...sort of, Jega is a stealthy, slippy beast with a nice red plasma sword that he likes to hack at you with.

The most important part of this battle is to use your threat sensor first of all, put it in a central spot and make Jega visible, then it's a case of fending off his quick attacks and whittling down his shield which, thankfully, doesn't regenerate so you don't need to keep pressure on. Instead, find a spot that's defensive, we used a corner with some crates, so that you can edge around the objects and use them as a barricade between you both.

It doesn't always work but it does slow him down and keep him from getting right in on top of you for a quick kill. Make sure you keep refreshing your threat sensor so you can see him when he slips back into camo mode, fire off as much as you can at him and keep objects between you both and you'll soon have his defences and health down. Not a particularly tough battle, as long as you don't get caught in the open.

How To Beat Escharum Boss In Halo Infinite

The main villain of the piece, you'll finally face off against this monster in the House of Reckoning and it's a tough enough fight that requires you to pound his slow-draining health whilst making sure you keep moving, especially in the latter part of the battle.

Starting out you'll be able to fire off a few shots at Escharum, there are weapons lining every wall of the arena, but soon he'll put up a shield and you'll need to hit a core on the wall every time he does this in order to drop it and continue damaging his health.

Make sure to snipe at the cores from a distance if you can, as going out into the open arena to do it can often see you take a real beating and even just get killed on the spot from one of his attacks. You'll have to repeat this cycle of knocking out his shield and attacking him four times in total before he decides to throw caution to the wind and come at you with his gravity hammer.

At this stage he chases you around the arena relentlessly so use your grapple on the floor ahead to zip along and give yourself space to turn and fire on him. If you've been clever with your ammo and weapon choices there should be a lot of SPNKR ammunition to pound him with, making pretty short work of this final, fast-paced phase of the fight. And with that, Escharum is no more!

How To Beat Harbinger Boss In Halo Infinite

The game's final battle, this one isn't as hard as you may think it's gonna be!

The Harbinger will start the fight encased in a force field in the centre of the round arena in which you battle. In order to take the shield down you need to fight a wave of enemies and you'll need to do this three times in total, with each wave escalating in difficulty up until the final one which sees two well-armoured, gravity-hammer wielding brutes in the pack.

Make good use of the hard light weapons and other weapons on racks around the battleground and keep your distance as much as you can in order to thin out the pack, there's tons of space to play with here. Each time Harbinger's shield drops you'll need to get in quickly to take down her personal shield and then get stuck into her health bar.

It'll take the full three rounds to finally drain all of her life, no matter how fast you work, but all in all this is a pretty simple and straightforward final boss battle with nothing in the way of surprises or real difficulty, at least on normal settings.

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