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There is one of these threads over on NL and I discovered some actual good and reasonable deals that I wanted to share.

They either match the Xbox store or are better in some cases but check out the Argos, Smyth Toys and Curry's PC World websites

Borderlands 3 is like £8 or £9 I think

Gears 5 around £8

Mafia Trilogy £29.99

Crash 4 £36.99 (not mega cheap but better than other places)

The stock for delivery on these sites seems to depend on availability in their local stores/warehouses

But yeah, I thought I'd share because they seem quite cheap compared to the prices I normally see them at! I'm really tempted by some of these but I'm more or less broke at the moment so I don't know if I should go for some knowing that I'll probably screw myself over in the coming months 🤦🏻‍♂️

Feel free to use this thread to post good deals if you find them or let it fade into obscurity or just have it locked and deleted because it might be a duplicate (I did search the forum but came up with nothing, hence the new thread!)



I always look forward to Xbox deals! Gears 5 was selling for $4.99 at different locations in the US and Borderlands 3 was $9.99. I happened to get Borderlands 3 for $4.99 from Best Buy because I had a $5 reward so that was a steal! I just received another reward for $10 which I really wanted to use on AC Odyssey which was on sale for $14.99 so that would've brought that price down to $4.99 but it sold out so I missed out on that opportunity. Now I'm looking to see what else i can apply that $10 reward to. Star Wars Squadrons was on sale for $16.99 at Gamestop and FIFA 21 along with Madden 21 were $25 I believe. I plan on spending a few more bucks before Cyber Monday ends. We'll see what else I get my hands on.


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3 Months of Gamepass Ultimate for only $19.99 at Target right now!



Not a specific deal as such, but just noticed that the Deku Deals website has just added Xbox and PlayStation formats (BETA) to the existing Switch database. So now I can spend too much when I get an alert that something on my Xbox wish list is on sale too.

That faint sound you can hear is my wallet weeping quietly in the corner...



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