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Hey guys

First forum post, so I thought I would make it an interesting one.

A few days ago a rumor hit the web that at E3 this year Resident Evil 7 will not only be announced, but will be an Xbox One Exclusive.

This image was also supposedly leaked as well. … _title.png

Like I said, this is just a rumor, but it is compelling to say the least.

Would Microsoft be willing to pay a small fortune for RE7?
Would Capcom be willing to accept such a deal?
and how badly could that damage the relationship for Capcom and Sony in the future?


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If it's good, then I'd consider an Xbox One. If not, then it's skipable. 6 was okay, but it wasn't what I wanted from RE. If 7 fails to achieve what Revelations did, then it's worth overlooking.


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As VincentV said it all depends on the game.  The last few RE games have been really mixed.  If its as good as say Revelations then it could move some Xbox Ones but in all honestly I dont think it would take a RE game to move a system.  I could be wrong though.

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RE 6 sold 4 mil copies despite being average, maybe slightly above, at best, so it is a compelling rumor because it'd be another game to help move consoles. If you look back at the PlayStation's history, when it was dominating the industry it was in large part because of exclusive third party content. MS seems to be willing to spend and these third parties seem to be willing to take the money. It's disappointing because the PS4 is selling better but I guess these third parties figure their games will do well enough to get X1's into more homes so it will offset anything lost from not putting the game on other machines as well. And who knows, they may be right. Also, Capcom is hurting for money so it's probably willing to take a big payday from anyone at this point.

Given what happened with Dead Rising 3, I wouldn't write this rumor off and if it's true, if I'm working at Sony I'm getting in touch with Konami right away to make MGS V Phantom Pain a PS4, or at least PS console, exclusive. Also would maybe see what Rockstar's plans are with GTA VI although I doubt even MS would be willing to pay what Take Two would probably ask for to put that game on one console only.

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I'd not be surprised to see RE7 being an exclusive at all. It'll shift consoles. For me, the name alone isn't enough to even sell the game anymore, let alone a console, but there are a fair few out there that will pick up an Xbox One just to give RE7 a spin.

I would imagine that the game would be a timed exclusive rather than an outright exclusive though. Dead Rising 3 almost made sense as an XO exclusive given the franchise's release history, but I think shifting a new RE game to one console would upset a looooot of people.

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