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Hi All

I am having a problem with this one game it keeps stopping when I try to install it ,I have had no other problems with any other title on game pass including several call of duty s ,mortal Kombat and more I have a hard wired connection and my series x sits next to the router ,
I have rebooted ,and hard resett the console and router I have changed the DNS and checked the network is running well wired and not wired .I have even downloaded rainbow six siege today and installed .
I have been trying to install this the last 2 days I have done fresh install of the game many times and still the installation stops at random times .
I feel this is a problem with the game pass avengers down load as every other game I try seems to install ,please note I have very large files ,games installed on my series x via memory card ,and external hard drive no problems with either I am installing it on the internal memory anyway .
I am now going to do a factory reset on my machine and see if that works but I feel this maybe pointless ,could anyone please let me know if they are having the same problem installing this title

Many thanks

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Having the exact same issue. At a loss


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