Warzone 2.0 Is A Massive Visual Improvement Over Its Predecessor On Xbox Series S

So, we've been playing quite a lot of Warzone 2.0 since its launch on Xbox last Wednesday, and the good news is that both the 'battle royale' and the 'DMZ' modes are a ton of fun so far! Our playtime has been split fairly evenly across both Xbox Series X and Series S (in part due to the brilliant xScreen), and the game is starting to leave one lasting impression on us - it's a huge visual improvement over Warzone 1 on Xbox Series S!

By the time 2020's Warzone moved onto its World War 2-themed 'Caldera' map, optimisation on Xbox One S had become a lower priority for the development team. That was understandable given the sheer number of systems the game was playable on at that stage, but still, it created a disappointing experience for Xbox One S users.

Sadly, because of the way Xbox backwards compatibility works, that meant Xbox Series S owners were forced to suffer. Warzone was never officially optimised for current-gen consoles, meaning the Series S version was essentially the same as Xbox One S. By late last year, the game was in dire need of an upgrade on Xbox Series S.

That upgrade has finally arrived in the form of Warzone 2.0. Infinity Ward's battle royale revamp has launched two years into the current generation, and this time Xbox Series S is properly supported with its own version of the game. No more blurry textures and buggy trees - Xbox Series S runs this game fantastically well.

The Series S version supports all the big features too. 120Hz support is here in full force, meaning you can play a huge 150-player battle royale on Xbox Series S at up to 120FPS, which is very impressive in practice. It requires a visual sacrifice or two to get it running at that frame rate, but nothing on the level of Warzone 1. All current-gen versions also support field of view sliders, meaning you can see even more of the action on screen on Xbox Series X and S.

So, yeah, if you're still deciding on whether it's worth moving over to Warzone 2.0, we can say it definitely is, especially on Xbox Series S! Microsoft's digital-only console gets a very respectable version of the new CoD battle royale, and we can wholeheartedly recommend giving it a go - for a grand old price of absolutely free!

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