Talking Point: Xbox Live Gold Members, Are You Happy With The Game Pass Core Launch Titles?

So, Xbox Live Gold is officially dead and in its place comes Xbox Game Pass Core - a brand-new subscription tier launched yesterday by Microsoft. While the retirement of XBL means that Games with Gold has now wrapped up, Game Pass Core is here with its own library of titles, and the full list has just been revealed.

There are 36 games available right away, with lots of Xbox first-party titles in the library right at launch. It's of course a much smaller selection than the main Game Pass library (the subscription is a lot cheaper on a yearly basis), but we're still pretty impressed with this introductory lineup.

But, are you happy with the launch list? If you were always a Gold-only subscriber and have been moved over, do you think this is a better offering than how Xbox Live Gold was setup before?

Looking back at the entirety of Microsoft's old Xbox Live service, and its Games with Gold offering, we did like the excitement that monthly game drops once delivered. However, the quality of GWG dropped off drastically over the last couple of years, and with the way things were going, we reckon Game Pass Core is now a much more attractive service overall.

Microsoft has committed to library refreshes as well (two or three times a year), so this Game Pass Core list will change over time - hopefully with some more recent titles added as time goes on.

Are you happy with how Xbox Game Pass Core is shaping up at launch? Vote in the poll below and let us know!

Are You Happy With Game Pass Core At Launch? (344 votes)

  1. I'm very pleased, this is a much better offering than Xbox Live Gold!29%
  2. The launch list is off to a good start, I'm intrigued to see how it grows32%
  3. Meh, I'm not bothered either way as long as I can play online!8%
  4. I'm quite disappointed in the Game Pass Core launch lineup to be honest11%
  5. Rubbish, bring back Xbox Live and Games with Gold!20%