Your Last Ever Games With Gold Titles Are Now Available On Xbox

Last week, we brought news of Xbox's final batch of Games with Gold titles prior to the service closing down in favour of Xbox Game Pass Core. Well, those two titles in Blue Fire and Inertial Drift are now live - so grab them before GWG disappears for good!

Yep, these two mark your last ever Games with Gold drops - from September 14th Xbox Live Gold members will be transferred to an Xbox Game Pass Core subscription, which includes around 25 games at launch. So far, Microsoft has confirmed 19 of those games that'll make up the Game Pass Core library.

The good news is that all of your previously redeemed Games with Gold entries will carry over to the new Game Pass Core tier, so you won't lose access to anything that's been redeemed on your Gold account. We'll drop all the details on that transition down below.

And with that, we officially say goodbye to Xbox Games with Gold! We can't say it's been the smoothest ride, but we've had some great free games over the years and ultimately, it's still been a nice bonus for Xbox Live Gold members. We're intrigued to see how the Xbox Game Pass Core library grows in the coming years, hopefully it remains worth exploring!

Let us know which of these final GWG titles you're playing in the poll down below.

Which Of These GWG Titles Will You Be Playing? (463 votes)

  1. Blue Fire9%
  2. Inertial Drift10%
  3. Both18%
  4. Neither64%

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