Xbox Game Pass Hit 30 Million Subscribers Prior To 'Core' Tier Launch

(Update - 15:00): The Xbox exec has now removed the Xbox Game Pass figure from their LinkedIn profile (that was quick!), so it's worth taking this "30 million members" quote with a pinch of salt for now.

(Original Story - 14:50): Xbox Game Pass has been growing each year since its first introduction in 2017, and it looks like the service hit a fairly substantial subscriber milestone by last month. Thanks to a new job update from Xbox marketing exec Craig McNary, we now know that the service surpassed 30 million users by August 2023.

In a summary of McNary's previous position at Microsoft, which wrapped up last month, the exec says he "launched and grew Xbox Game Pass, the world's #1 gaming subscription service, to over 30M members" - alongside plenty of other folks over at Microsoft of course.

Late last year, thanks to an update from Sony during its fight with Xbox over the ActiBlizz deal, we learned that the service was at 29 million users as of November 2022. These numbers certainly line up then, so this new LinkedIn update looks accurate as far as we can tell.

However, the new number does not include Xbox Game Pass Core members, which are likely to be rolled into the overall subscriber count in the near future. Remember, all existing Xbox Live Gold members will now be automatically moved onto the Game Pass Core tier - a new entry level option that launched yesterday.

Are any of you tempted to move onto Game Pass Core? Let us know what you make of these numbers down below.