Before Xbox Games With Gold Disappears, Don't Forget To Download These Titles

Today marks the end of an era for Xbox Games With Gold, as the service will officially be ending on September 1st! Xbox Live Gold is then set to be replaced by a new tier of Xbox Game Pass called Game Pass Core on September 14th.

Before then, you've got a few more hours left to claim a bunch of Xbox Games with Gold titles for the final time. The two main ones are the August 2023 titles - Blue Fire and Inertial Drift in most regions β€” but there are a few others as well.

For example, Port Royale 3 is still free with Xbox Live Gold in many countries at the moment (as it has been for a long time), so it's worth adding that to your library while you still can. You may also find that Xbox has more free Gold titles in your country β€” such as Space Invaders: Infinity Gene in some European countries β€” so it's worth double checking to make sure you've snapped them up. (XB Deals is a great way to check this).

Don't forget that even though Xbox Games with Gold is ending this week, you'll still be able to access your GwG titles as long as you're subscribed to Game Pass Core or Game Pass Ultimate in the future, and the Xbox 360 games will actually be available to you regardless of whether you have a subscription or not.

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