Rumour: Fable Reboot Is 'Miles Away' While Xbox Focuses On Hellblade 2 And Avowed
Image: Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment

In a recent episode of VGC's new podcast, journalist Andy Robinson spoke about Xbox's upcoming games lineup, with the hosts speculating on what may appear at the Xbox summer showcase in 2023.

While the outlet hasn't heard anything specific about what's planned for the conference itself, Robinson claims to know some information on what games Xbox is focusing on in the short term, outside of Bethesda of course. Once Redfall, Forza Motorsport and Starfield are shipped, Avowed and Hellblade 2 are reportedly "the next big things" for Xbox.

"I think the nearest ones for them are Hellblade [2] and probably Avowed. That's the next big thing for them that they'll be talking about. From my understanding those two are the closest."

Unfortunately for Xbox fans, Robinson then went on to discuss what games are further down the pipeline, including one project that continues to "stun" him in terms of how long it's taking to develop.

"It's still pretty stunning that Fable is still miles away, Perfect Dark is not close, Everwild is not close [...] Everything looks so great on paper and it's just, the games are just not quite ready yet."

While we'd love for the likes of Fable and Perfect Dark to be closer than they are, we're not too displeased with this information to be honest, if it's accurate. Avowed and Hellblade 2 arriving shortly after Xbox's planned 2023 lineup of games is fine by us - we're guessing we won't see either of them until 2024, but who knows?

For now, this is all rumour and speculation, and we'll have to wait until the summer to see what Xbox is ready to show off next. The team hasn't dated its E3-time showcase yet, so expect to hear news on that front in the coming months.

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