Talking Point: Where Have All The Simpsons Games Gone?

Since 'The Simpsons' made its video game debut back in the early 90's, we've seen a plethora of console releases over the years, including the ever popular The Simpsons Hit & Run on original Xbox. In fact, that time period now feels like the last hoorah for The Simpsons in video game form, where the likes of The Simpsons: Road Rage and The Simpsons Game also arrived, much to the pleasure of fans of the famous animated TV series.

However, since then, we really haven't seen much from the IP in video game form. Sure, after 2007's The Simpsons Game there have been a few mobile releases, but even those have dried up over the years. We'd love to see the series return to consoles in some form - it really has been too long since The Simpsons graced our Xboxes!

Looking back, Hit & Run has always been the title that stood out the most amongst The Simpsons fare, and it's a format we'd love to see the IP return to. Whether that be a full-on remake or just another open world GTA-like take on the franchise, we just want to see it happen! Some of our fondest original Xbox / PS2 memories are just cruising around Springfield, smashing billboards and calling in vehicles from some of the most useful video game telephone boxes ever.

Having said that, Xbox 360's The Simpsons Game was also a blast; the game that marked the end of the franchise on console up to this point. The Simpsons Game was more platformer than GTA clone, unleashing the entire Simpsons family — bar Maggie — across a bunch of platforming stages throughout Springfield. These two titles really are the highlights of The Simpsons on Xbox in our opinion, and they should both be looked at for inspiration if the franchise is to return one day.

Still, some of those weird and wonderful spin-offs are also fondly remembered. Sure, it might be largely due to their licensed tie-ins, but we'd wager a few people even still feel all warm and fuzzy about the terrible Simpsons Wrestling and Simpsons Skateboarding games on PlayStation!

We're pretty surprised that The Simpsons has been missing for so long when it comes to console gaming; Hit & Run especially is held in such high regard, and that genre hasn't waned in popularity at all since GTA exploded in the early 2000's. There's a huge opportunity there for a team to bring The Simpsons back to life in gaming, and if it ever returns, we'll be there on day one. We're bringing the faith anyway!

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Which Is Your Favourite The Simpsons Game On Xbox?