Feature: Our Predictions For The 2022 Xbox Games Showcase

Welcome to E3 week! Well, it's not actually called E3 this year, but you know what we mean. We've got a bunch of events happening over the next few days, capped off with the massive Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday.

Ahead of the event, we've gathered a selection of predictions from some of the staff here at Pure Xbox that we think could come true at the event, either based on rumours, educated guesses, or simply wishful thinking!

Here are our predictions for the 2022 Xbox Games Showcase, and don't forget to give us yours below.

1. GoldenEye 007 Will Shadow Drop On Xbox Game Pass

Feature: Our Predictions For The 2022 Xbox Games Showcase 1

It seems almost definite that a port of GoldenEye 007 for Xbox will at least be announced at the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, as the achievements for it are already being displayed publicly on the Xbox website.

We've still got a few key questions though. Is it a straight port of the N64 game, a port of the cancelled Xbox 360 remaster, or something different entirely? Also, will it be launching the same day as the Xbox Showcase, and will it be included with Xbox Game Pass on day one? That's what we're hoping to find out in a few days' time.

2. Forza Horizon 5 Expansion 1 Will Be Announced For June

Feature: Our Predictions For The 2022 Xbox Games Showcase 5

It's been an abnormally long wait for Forza Horizon 5's first expansion, especially compared to the last few games. Therefore, we reckon this one is almost ready to go and will be revealed at the showcase, with a very close release date. If we're taking bets, let's say Tuesday, June 14th.

As for what the expansion will contain? Honestly, that's anybody's guess. Expansion 1 for each Forza Horizon is usually a more down-to-earth outing, so we're not expecting any huge crossovers just yet. How about that off-road bike expansion? Let's wait and see.

3. The Gears Of War Collection Will Be Officially Revealed

Feature: Our Predictions For The 2022 Xbox Games Showcase 2

Xbox fans have suggested on a few occasions over the past couple of years that The Coalition should create a Gears of War Collection for Xbox Game Pass, and things got a lot more interesting last month when it was rumoured that the collection could be announced at the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday, June 12th.

With the likes of Starfield and Redfall both delayed out of 2022, the announcement of a Gears of War Collection for this year would definitely lessen the blow, especially if it's something that's been crafted with as much care and attention as Halo's Master Chief Collection has received. Fingers crossed this one's on the cards for this Sunday.

4. id Software Announces Its Next Game, And It's Not DOOM

Feature: Our Predictions For The 2022 Xbox Games Showcase 6

We think it's high time we hear something on what id Software is developing next. The team's last game, DOOM Eternal, is over two years old at this point and the developer has likely been hard at work on something since.

What that thing is? We're not so sure. A Quake reboot in a similar vein to DOOM 2016 seems a fair shout, or maybe even a new IP? The original Quake was re-released on Xbox not too long ago though, and a series reboot could definitely hit strong on Xbox Game Pass.

5. Some Activision Blizzard Games Will Arrive On Xbox Game Pass

Feature: Our Predictions For The 2022 Xbox Games Showcase 3

OK, so Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard hasn't completed yet, and may not complete until as late as June 2023, but we wouldn't be surprised if the Xbox team has worked out a deal to bring a selection of Activision Blizzard's games to Xbox Game Pass early, just as they did with Bethesda back in 2020 with the likes of DOOM Eternal.

Call of Duty might be a bit of a difficult one considering PlayStation clearly still has an ongoing deal with that franchise, but maybe Crash Bandicoot, Tony Hawk and Spyro could be in line for a Game Pass addition? There are loads of exciting possibilities, and we'll take anything we can get until the deal finally gets over the line.

6. Forza Motorsport Will Surprise Us With A 2022 Release Date

Feature: Our Predictions For The 2022 Xbox Games Showcase 4

Some members of our team are of the belief that Forza Motorsport's reboot of sorts will not only make an appearance at the Xbox Games Showcase 2022, but will be given a release date of 2022 as well. That's a bold claim considering we've seen no footage of the game as of yet, and only a few leaked screenshots from an insider beta.

However, it was suggested earlier this year by reliable journalist Jeff Grubb that the game could be a big focus for Xbox this year alongside Starfield and Redfall, and considering the latter two's release dates have since been pushed to 2023, it'll be interesting to see if Forza Motorsport is lined up to be the big fall release from Xbox Game Studios.

7. Compulsion Games' Narrative, Third Person Title Will Appear

Feature: Our Predictions For The 2022 Xbox Games Showcase 7

Compulsion Games hasn't really revealed too much about its next project, although we do know the team has been working on a third person story-driven title since We Happy Few shipped in 2018. Oh, and the studio just updated its website with a fancy new look, which could well be a sign of things to come.

While Compulsion's sophomore effort disappointed us a little bit, we're really keen to see what the studio creates next. We Happy Few didn't really know what it wanted to be, but the studio seems to have a clear focus for its next game. Here's hoping it turns out to be a good one!

8. Hellblade 2 Will Finally Get A Proper Launch Window

Feature: Our Predictions For The 2022 Xbox Games Showcase 8

Our first look at Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 arrived all the way back at the reveal of the Xbox Series X in late 2019, and we've still yet to have been treated to an official release date or even a release window for the game over the past two and a half years. We really can't wait to play this one, but we want to know when we can play it!

Of course, we've definitely seen Hellblade 2 making progress in the not too distant past, as The Game Awards 2021 treated us to an incredible gameplay trailer that left our collective jaws on the floor, and there have been plenty of development updates and concept art reveals to date, but we're hoping now is the time for an official release date.

Do you agree with these? What Xbox predictions do you have for the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase? Tell us in the comments.