Xbox's Compulsion Games Is Working On A New Third-Person Single-Player Game

Compulsion Games, which is a developer under the banner of Xbox Game Studios, has revealed the first details about its next project following the success of We Happy Few, with the new title set to be a third-person story game.

In an interview with Xbox Squad (transcribed by VGC), community manager Naila Hadjas had the following to say:

“With our new game, a narrative, third person, story game, I don’t think we need any feedback [via an Early Access release]. It’s not like a rogue-like where you replay it multiple times and you need data to make sure the experience is fun.

We Happy Few has evolved a lot, at the beginning it was a rogue-like and then we added a story because people loved the world, the characters, so we said “ok, we’re going to make a game with an end and a story”. The next game is a story, we know where we are going.”

Hadjas also mentioned during the interview that the game is in "full development" and the team has doubled its workforce. In regards to the Xbox partnership, he stated "it’s our first game with Microsoft and we’re learning a lot.”

Compulsion Games joined the Xbox Game Studios family back in 2018, during which time We Happy Few was already part of Xbox Game Preview and preparing for a full release a couple of months later. As a result, this next title will be the first developed from scratch under the Xbox banner, so we're intrigued to see how it turns out.

What did you think of We Happy Few? Excited for this next release? Let us know down below.

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