It's been a good few months since Forza Horizon 5 launched, and our minds are wandering, thinking about what's next. Developer Playground's latest racer has two expansions coming — much like the last two games — and rumour has it that we're not far off from the game's first DLC.

We've been dipping into the Forza Horizon 5 festival playlist as of late, and a recent Showcase Remix got us thinking about what we'd like to see from Expansion 1.

The Showcase involved us barrelling across the dunes against a squad of dirt bikes, and to be honest, we think its high time Forza introduced some two-wheel racing into the Horizon series. Dirt bikes seem a perfect fit for Forza Horizon 5's dune-filled desert, and in previous years, Playground has delivered a more down-to-earth DLC for the first expansion, so that'd fit the bill. A separate island filled with plenty of PR stunts would be a blast for some dirt bike action, and hopefully we'd be able to bring the new vehicle type back to the main map as well.

Horizon 5 Dunes

Anyway, enough of our speculative spitballing, what would you like to see from Forza Horizon 5's first expansion? Something similarly realistic, or do you want Playground to double down on the Hot Wheels-type content and deliver two OTT DLCs this time out?

How do you want the first Forza Horizon 5 expansion to take shape? Throw your best ideas down in the comments.