ID Software Hiring For 'Long-Running Iconic Action FPS' Game
Image: id Software

id Software appears to be ramping up development for a new project, which is said to be a "long-running iconic action FPS".

A variety of job listings at Id Software's Texas studio have numerous openings available, many of which claim a "long-running iconic action FPS" is in development. The Skybox Artist job listing also adds that it's looking for someone to work on "quality sci-fi and fantasy environmental vistas".

Out of Zenimax Media's list of properties, it seems to suggest the game in question is either DOOM or Quake. Fans are leaning more towards the latter, following the recent re-releases of classic titles in the franchise.

With development on DOOM Eternal's post-launch content only recently just wrapping up, it's also potentially a bit early to be hiring for these positions on another entry. It's not entirely out of the realms of possibility, but all signs are pointing more towards a new Quake title.

If you haven't checked out the Quake re-releases, they're currently accessible via Xbox Game Pass. The first is available on consoles with remastered visuals, whilst the other older entries are playable on PC.

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