GoldenEye 007 Achievements Now Showing On The Xbox Website
Image: MGM/Eon

Earlier this week, we pointed out that a Rare employee recently unlocked an achievement in GoldenEye 007 for Xbox, and now the full list of achievements for the game is actually being displayed publicly on the Xbox website.

Each achievement is also accompanied by a screenshot from the game, and they appear to show that its graphics are very similar to the original N64 release, with character models looking very blocky and low-quality in particular.

The fact that we're seeing these achievements and their accompanying images appears to suggest that we'll get some kind of announcement about the game this coming week, and possibly even a shadow drop.

It would make sense if GoldenEye 007 shows up at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday the 12th, possibly even as a surprise Game Pass addition, so hopefully it won't be long until we find out more.

Do you think we could be playing GoldenEye 007 on Xbox this time next week? Give us your thoughts below.