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Rumour: New Wave of Backward Compatible Titles Coming During E3

Posted by Ken Barnes

Retailer spills the beans

There are plenty of rumours revolving around the Xbox One backward compatibility feature at the moment. The main one revolves around EA Access, with a recent rumour suggesting that more B/C titles - including Mass Efffect - are heading to their service as part of the Vault.

Now though, Amazon US have added a bunch of new listings for digital codes that are listed as "works on Xbox One", all of which have a release date of June 14th, suggesting that a new wave of games will be added to the service on the opening day of this year's E3. On the retailer's site, EA titles in the form of Dragon Age II, Skate 2, Fight Night Round 4, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Burnout Revenge are all listed, with Microsoft's own Fable Anniversary and Crackdown 2 are both listed as being en route on the 14th.

Whether or not this is the tip of the iceberg for a massive announcement of new titles at E3 remains to be seen, but it sure looks like something's coming. EA's "Play" conference will take place at 1pm PST on the 12th, with Microsoft's conference happening after the start of the usual trading day at 9:30am on the 13th, which makes the 14th June launch date for the new B/C titles make sense.


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KratosMD said:

It would certainly be a good time to announce new titles for the service. Perhaps this is also a hint for one of June's Games With Gold Xbox 360 games, to coincide with the second half of the month's titles? Even though it's on the 16th, they could announce it on the 13th and then give it away three days later.



KelticDevil said:

Yea this is the perfect time to announce a bunch of new titles. I bet this rumor is true.



ChopperCampbell said:

I'm still holding out hope for Phil Spencer to say something along the lines of "sorry for the delay in adding certain games to backwards compatibility. The good news is we have straightened things out with all our partners, and EVERY 360 game will be BC as And that includes original Xbox games."
Mic drop.



MsJubilee said:

Guess i'm the only one who would rather have new games instead of old garbage from last gen.



stylon said:

Yes!!! Fable Anniversary and NFS: Hot Pursuit. Both day one digital (re)purchases for me!

Booo to Crackdown 2 though... would much rather have the original Crackdown!



RustyBullet said:

Please please bring Burn out Paradise. oh and Dead Space II and III

Rumor is that Ryse Son of Rome, Lichdom Battlemage (Xbox One) and Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock Infinite (Xbox 360) are next months Games with Gold. All of which I will be happy with. Would provide a link but i dont know if thats allowed.



stylon said:

@RustyBullet That's a very specific list - hope it's true as I'd dearly love to be able to play RDR and Bioshock Infinite again... Already finished Ryse and Lichdom Battlemage is supposed to be one of the most appalling games ever made so I'll skip that



SuperKMx said:

@TwilightOniAngel Given that a lot of the games from last gen aren't "garbage" and that a lot of people already own these games and releasing them isn't impacting on new game development at all, I think you're on your own.



RustyBullet said:

@SuperKMx Definitely. There are a lot of games from the 360 era that I had and would love to play again, RDR being right at the top of that list as I never actually got round to completing it. i am also having fun with South Park Stick of Truth. Just wish that Bad Company one and two would come, you could pretty much guarantee that BC2 would pull a lot of players on line still.



RustyBullet said:

@stylon Yea man, I hope it is true. I have also already completed Ryse but I only gave it one play through and then lent my disk to someone, Who...I have no idea, and I never got it back. Plus I had the season pass and downloaded the content but never really had a go at it. I need to put closure to RDR as well before the sequel/prequel comes out.



stylon said:

@RustyBullet I played through the Ryse campaign twice to get the Legendary cheevo... but I do still have all the DLC stuff to complete, but there's an awful lot of grinding involved there unfortunately. I do need to finish off a lot of the side missions in RDR though... I kind of got a bit pissed with the way it ended and cast you as a different character so I stopped playing lol



RustyBullet said:

@stylon AH well the list was rubbish anyway, Xbox owners can get The Crew, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Goat Simulator and Super Meat Boy.
I have The Crew on physical so at least I can get rid of the CD.



VanillaLake said:

@SuperKMx Plus, Xbox One is the only console where you don't pay again for the games that you already own. Even though I've never bought an Xbox 360, this aspect is a reality. On 3DS and Wii U you have to pay twice for the same games even though consoles are connected via NNID. On PS4 you have to pay again except for some VITA-PS3-PS4 cross-buy games. I really think Microsoft is the most generous, at least this generation. Nintendo is getting really stingy (they are really pissing me off) and Sony is somewhere in between (but fortunately closer to Microsoft).



JaxonH said:

I need these games stat:

Lost Odyssey
Portal 2
Tales of Vesperia
Mass Effect Trilogy
Dragon Age 1 and 2
Final Fantasy XIII trilogy

Nintendo is the worst right now, but, considering the NNID came right at the tail end of the generation I don't think anyone really expected that policy to change on the spot seeing as the systems weren't built with the infrastructure in place for such a cross buy system. I do fully expect some form of cross buy next generation or for games to actually play on both console and handheld.

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