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Fri 23rd Jan 2015

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ChopperCampbell commented on E3 2016: Forza Horizon 3 Details and Release D...:

@KelticDevil I'm similar to yourself. I've played Forza Motorsport 2-5 and enjoyed them enough, but feel that they are just too serious for me.
For me the Horizon games at the virtual equivalent of jumping in the car and tearing around at speed, with the windows down and music blaring.
Horizon wins hands down for me every time.



ChopperCampbell commented on Review: Homefront: The Revolution (Xbox One):

I was always interested in the original after the awesome reveal trailer, but never got to play it. Was more cautious about this, especially after the seeming nightmare it went through in development. Seems like this ultimately suffered the Duke Nukem Forever syndrome of protracted development at a number of different studios, resulting in a unwhelming game. Pity.



ChopperCampbell commented on Rumour: New Wave of Backward Compatible Titles...:

I'm still holding out hope for Phil Spencer to say something along the lines of "sorry for the delay in adding certain games to backwards compatibility. The good news is we have straightened things out with all our partners, and EVERY 360 game will be BC as And that includes original Xbox games."
Mic drop.



ChopperCampbell commented on The BC List: Issue 2 - Double the Dragons, Twi...:

@stylon I think the issue is that there is no Games on Demand version of Doom 3 BFG Edition on the marketplace. I had a look a while ago as I've been replacing discs for digital (been able to get loads of digital games cheap while hey are on sale, then sell the disc for more than I've paid for the digital version).
The disc version works like any others though, disc goes in, digital copy downloads. It does also download the XBLA versions of Doom 1&2.



ChopperCampbell commented on Dead Island: Definitive Collection Detailed fo...:

I've had the original and Riptide since they were released on Games with Gold, but never played them. Just as well I've still got the 360 set up as it looks like they won't be backwards compatible for a while if they're releasing these remasters.



ChopperCampbell commented on Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 4/5/6 for Xbox One:

Not sure about this. I played most of the Resident Evil games on the GameCube, and always loved ReMake, Zero was great, and really enjoyed Nemesis and Code Veronica. I'm definitely going to be the odd one out by saying I enjoyed two the least of all the originals (in my defence I did blow through it in about three days, so never really got attached to it like others did. Will probably get the remake of two when it come to see if I change my mind).

As far as this bundle goes, four was always a great game but having played through it on the GameCube, Wii and 360 I can safely say I won't be purchasing it again. Kind of enjoyed five at the time of release, but having tried it again a few months ago it has aged badly, with the companion A.I. Being so bad that it makes Halo 5's companion Spartans seem like absolute geniuses in comparison. Six,meh! Never finished all three campaigns, found it to be very samey throughout, the plot had become one of the the most convoluted and incomprehensible that I've ever seen and was so far removed from the originals that it would have been better being a new franchise altogether.

Having side all that, I wouldn't mind four, five and six being backwards compatible, however Capcom will be getting no money from me for these re-releases.



ChopperCampbell commented on 10 New Xbox One Backward Compatibility Titles ...:

Downloaded Witcher onto my One earlier. Just found at my brothers house and thought I'd download it for him since he's away just now. The game is no longer appearing on the store on the 360, and when I try to redeem it on it says it isn't available in this region (United Kingdom). Hopefully it's a glitch, it does say on Major Nelson's blog that the UK was a region the game was available in.



ChopperCampbell commented on Games With Gold For January 2016 Has A Killer ...:

I may be wrong but I was under the impression that 360 GWG are now also dependant on remaining a gold subscriber. I know they used to be free for life once downloaded, but I'm pretty sure that was changed last year so that the requirement matches up with the X1.



ChopperCampbell commented on Metal Gear Solid V, PES 2016, Mirror's Edge Al...:

@Utena-mobile played for an hour or so last night. Really quite enjoying it. Strange to play a game in first person that doesn't concentrate on shooting. Only wish I could customise the controls (who thought that LB should be the jump button!!) but should be able to sort that with the elite controller.



ChopperCampbell commented on Rumour: Could Star Wars: Knights of the Old Re...:

I always preferred KotOR 2 over the original (possibly due to the fact it was the first game, along with Halo 2, I got on my original Xbox) so would prefer to have both remastered. That being said, both are available on Steam for a few pounds, with quite a few really good mods to tart up the graphics and add new areas. Announce that both are getting remastered and I'll hand you over my money right now!



ChopperCampbell commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Finally finished Dragon Age Origins last night. It's only taken me since it launched. With that out of the way I'll be having a look at Inquisition (been holding off until I finished Origins, not going to bother with 2).
Resident Evil will also get a look I at some point on Sunday I'm sure.