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Posted by Ken Barnes

Another lap.

In the history of Formula One racing, there have been only four Grands Prix that have ended with as many runners as have started. The 1961 Dutch GP, the 2005 Italian GP, the controversial 2005 US GP (which only had six starters) and the 2011 European GP...

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Codemasters Cans Online Passes for F1 2013

In a somewhat surprising move, Codemasters has confirmed that they won't be utilising any sort of online pass system for the upcoming F1 2013. The last couple of versions of the game have required players to activate a VIP account using an in-box code, in order to access online multiplayer modes. This was designed to combat a lack of income via...

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F1 2013 Introduces Classic Mode

Xbox One Version Ruled Out

Codemasters has formally announced that they're working on F1 2013, and have confirmed that the game is strictly a current-generation only affair. Players will be able to take part in a new "classic" mode, which is presented by the absolute legend that is Murray Walker. In the mode, you'll be able to play as the likes of...

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