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Braid is not only an important part of Xbox Live Arcade's history, but it’s arguably up there as one of the most significant indie game releases of all time – illustrating on debut the appetite for more niche and artistic experiences in a market that was at the time booming with blockbuster franchises.

With this in mind, Braid and its puzzle-solving, platform-jumping and time-warping hero Tim are back in the same beautifully crafted setting, originally released in 2008 by the indie game designer Jonathan Blow. The critically acclaimed title has now received the “remaster” treatment, officially titled Braid, Anniversary Edition, and revives the familiar puzzle-platforming action on modern-day systems including the Xbox Series X|S.

You'll immediately notice the improved visuals and animations which you can change to the classic art style with a click of the analog stick. If you do happen to have fond memories of the game’s canvas-like presentation, we assure you the enhanced visuals and higher resolution looks stunning and more vibrant than ever on modern displays.

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Then there’s the comprehensive commentary in the Anniversary release, which goes above and beyond. While the core offering originally left some players wanting more, there are now “additional” levels, which help make up an extra world and add to the overall journey. Once again, you’ll encounter puzzles and new mechanics that will see you rewinding your run over and over, and then there are those “Eureka!” moments when you finally work out a solution.

As you play, it's a joy to hear how the creator crafted this masterpiece, with each level in the Anniversary Edition of the game filled with all sorts of insightful recordings about the development, programming and art design. He breaks down what feels like everything, and this is how the new content comes into play. Additionally, you get first-hand accounts from other members of the team as well, and all of the commentary is laid out across levels with extra doors to help you navigate all this and interactive points of interest loaded with more commentary and surprises.

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And that's the Braid: Anniversary Edition! It's still the same title that channels games like Super Mario, but also flips the platforming genre completely on its head with reimagined mechanics, time manipulation, and an experience that goes beyond just saving the princess. The improved dream-like soundtrack rounds off this slice of game history.

If you’ve not heard of Braid before, it may not seem like a big deal or quite as influential or revolutionary as history makes out, but at the time of its debut, it really did play a part in establishing the indie scene we know and love today. On another positive note, the platforming and puzzle solving for the most part is well executed and remains as captivating as it was when it first arrived on the Xbox 360's digital storefront.


If you were a fan of Braid during the Xbox Live Arcade era, the Anniversary Edition is worth a look for the commentary alone. The additional content and visual improvements only add to this remaster. As for newcomers, this updated version is a great way to experience this important piece of video game history.