Hi-Fi RUSH Developer Tango Gameworks Has Now Officially Closed Its Doors
Image: Tango Gameworks

Last month, Xbox shared the news it would be shutting down four studios including the developers behind the critically-acclaimed title Hi-Fi RUSH. While things have been looking more positive on the Xbox front over the past week, a now-former Tango Gameworks employee has shared an update on this closure, seemingly confirming the studio has completely shut down.

As highlighted by our friends at VGC, developer Takeo Kido shared multiple pictures of the Japanese studio - noting how it was the "last day of work" with the studio then closing. In these pictures you can see the lobby featuring some Fallout icons as well as some Hi-Fi RUSH-related works, and another picture shows the studio's "last meal", with tables covered in pizzas and the staff gathering around them.

When Microsoft first shared the news Tango Gameworks was one of the studios it would be shutting down, there was admittedly some backlash from fans around the globe, with many labelling it heartbreaking news after the studio won a Game Award, BAFTA, and many other awards. Some employees even pointed out this success following the announcement and it led to the game being "reverse-review bombed" on Steam.

Xbox has cited on multiple occasions how the decision behind these recent shutdowns was tied to the 'long term' health of Xbox, with Phil Spencer most recently stating it's about running a "sustainable business" while admitting "the closure of any team is hard".

As for the future, Tango is sadly no more and there have unfortunately been some reports Xbox could be considering more cuts as part of a "widespread cost-cutting initiative that still isn't finished". This information comes from Bloomberg, but we're yet to see anything come of this report. Tango's closure was announced alongside the Redfall studio Arkane Austin, as well as Alpha Dog Games (Mighty Doom) and Roundhouse Studios.

Since the showcase, Xbox appears to have bounced back - thanks to updates on the likes of Fable and Perfect Dark, while also unveiling new projects such as a new Gears game and the reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

How are you feeling about Tango Gameworks closing its doors? Do you think this is a good business move? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.