Hi-Fi RUSH Is Currently Being Reverse-Review Bombed On Steam

If you've been following gaming as closely as we have in recent years you'll have come across a 'review-bombing' campaign or two - where disgruntled fans rush to post negative reviews, usually as a reaction to a publisher decision. Well, in response to Xbox's sudden closure of Tango Gameworks, Hi-Fi RUSH fans have taken to Steam to post positive ratings in support of the team's rhythm-action game.

We're gonna call this 'reverse-review bombing' for now, but yeah, if you have a look at Hi-Fi RUSH on PC platform Steam right now, the amount of recent positive reviews has shot up since this week's studio shutdown - with over 300 positive reviews landing today alone.

We suppose this is better than actual review bombing, which tends to stain a game's reputation - often because of something completely unrelated to the game's quality. Apparently, this is now Xbox & Bethesda's highest-rated game on the platform.

In other Hi-Fi RUSH news, Tango's Game Project Manager recently posted pictures of all the team's prestigious awards relating to the title, questioning what else the studio needed to do to be kept open by Microsoft.

What do you make of this reverse-review bombing campaign by Hi-Fi fans? Tell us your thoughts down below.