Tango Gameworks Had Hopes For Hi-Fi RUSH 2 Before Xbox Closure, Says Report

Sorry to add to the pain of this week's news, but for those who are big fans of the great Xbox first-party title Hi-Fi RUSH, you'll be sad to know that Tango Gameworks was seemingly trying to get a sequel greenlit prior to the studio's closure.

This is according to the latest report from Bloomberg that dropped this evening, which mentions that Tango was in the process of pitching the idea to Xbox before Microsoft made the decision to shut the studio entirely.

In addition to this, Arkane Austin was reportedly trying to get back to a single-player "immersive sim" project after the disappointment surrounding Redfall, but unfortunately that studio was a victim of this week's closures as well.

It seems Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin might have been the victims of bad timing overall, as both teams apparently needed to hire more staff to make these new projects, which appears to have been a factor in their demise.

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