Did you know that a new DOOM game launched this week? While it's not quite the next mainline entry from id Software, 'Mighty DOOM' is out now on mobile devices, and it seems to be performing rather well in its launch week.

In fact, Mighty DOOM is now top of the free-to-play charts on both iOS and Android at the time of writing. Of course, these charts will likely change and move around in the coming days and weeks, but clearly, the game has been a big hit on launch.

Being a game designed for mobile, Mighty DOOM doesn't quite work like a standard DOOM title. A lot of the series' visual language does translate well to this "single-touch, top-down shooter" though - we like the way this game looks overall!

We're pleased to see little Doom Guy make his mobile gaming splash anyway, but we're of course hoping that Mighty DOOM is quickly followed up by another mainline console release. It's been three years id, what are you guys up to?

Have you tried Mighty DOOM? Or are you eagerly awaiting the next console release? Tell us below!