Tango Gameworks Manager Proudly Displays Hi-Fi RUSH Awards Following Studio Shutdown

It's no secret that Xbox fans seem most baffled about Tango Gameworks in regards to this week's studio shutdowns, with the community not taking the news particularly well when it dropped on Tuesday. Xbox fans aren't the only ones questioning why the developer has been shuttered though - the team's Game Project Manager has been wondering what would have been enough to keep Tango open.

Taking to Twitter mere hours ago, Kazuaki Egashira showcased a row of awards that the team had picked up for Hi-Fi RUSH, adding the simple caption - "Not enough?":

Of course, Hi-Fi RUSH was a pretty big critical hit for Microsoft, Bethesda and Tango - especially in comparison to other big Xbox releases as of late. Clearly, this reception hasn't been enough to keep Tango's doors open, despite Xbox only recently saying that the game had hit "all key metrics and expectations" at Microsoft.

Looking at this, we can't help but think that Tango Gameworks deserved more not only for its work on Hi-Fi RUSH, but also on Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Evil Within series. The team can surely be proud of what it's accomplished though, and it has a plethora of awards to show for it.

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