Xbox Indie Developer Shares Their Concerns Following This Week's Rumours

The big topic of the week has been the rumours and speculation surrounding various first-party Xbox games jumping over to PS5 and/or Nintendo Switch, and we're not expecting to get any official details on this for a few more days.

In the meantime, this gives everyone a chance to share their viewpoint on the matter, including the developer behind 2022 Xbox indie game BROK The InvestiGator, who has revealed some of his personal concerns about the future.

Here's what he had to say on Twitter in a couple of posts following these rumours:

"Are we assisting the end of Xbox as hardware platform? Transforming into a weird mix of software platform and third party. If the only reason for players to buy a Xbox is Game Pass, why would an indie like me port his games if I can't get them into Game Pass?

I see a lot of people retweet, reminder: I wanted to have my latest game on Game Pass but was denied (no reason given besides "slots are limited"). Considering the sales on Xbox are way lower than other platforms, plus that news, I legitimately wonder if it's worth porting my next games. Unless Microsoft has plans to open more slots for Game Pass and have games stay "forever" on the service."

The developer later clarified that he hasn't made a decision either way on whether to stop porting his games to Xbox in the future, but he fears that if Game Pass becomes the "only" reason to buy an Xbox, he'll ultimately have no choice.

Keep in mind that the tweets here are obviously in response to rumours rather than 100% facts, so we don't have the full picture just yet. Xbox boss Phil Spencer is expected to address it all at some point next week.

We've seen similar discussions crop up about Xbox Game Pass in the past though, with many indie devs adorning the service with praise, but others highlighting their concerns about its potential effect on discoverability in the future.

What do you make of these comments? Let us know down in the comments section below.