Starfield, Indiana Jones And Many Other 'Xbox Exclusives' Could Be Heading To PS5

Update: Xbox boss Phil Spencer has since responded to the rumours and speculation doing the rounds online, promising to "share more details" about his team's "vision for the future of Xbox" next week.

Original story: Over the past few hours, you may have come across some chatter on social media about the likes of Starfield and Indiana Jones potentially heading to PS5, and it originates from a variety of different sources.

The rumour about Starfield is coming from Xbox Era, which says that according to its sources, Xbox is planning to bring the game to PS5 after the release of the Shattered Space expansion later this year. Meanwhile, The Verge is reporting that there are considerations about bringing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to PS5, and that it appears a "new multi-platform approach for certain Xbox games is emerging inside Microsoft".

"While Bethesda will launch its Indiana Jones game first as an Xbox console exclusive, it’s currently set to have a rather short period of exclusivity we’re told."

We've already heard about potential plans for Hi-Fi RUSH on PS5 too, which is expected to be announced in the next few weeks and could be launching in the relatively near future. Sea of Thieves is another one that's been rumoured for PS5 lately, and there have been suggestions of others such as Hellblade 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator as well.

Multiple reports are floating around the moment, but obviously nothing is official until we hear something specific from Microsoft. We'll be keeping a close eye out, and will update this post if anything is confirmed in the near future.

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