Xbox Game Pass Activision

For most gamers, Xbox Game Pass has been a hugely positive force. It allows us to access more games for a lower price, without having to commit to as many individual purchases. However, the model is starting to worry some indie devs, especially after the Activision Blizzard deal.

In a BBC report, several indie developers spoke about the deal and what it might mean for them. Tanya Short, who worked on indie hit Boyfriend Dungeon, said she worries that Activision and Game Pass might see the likes of Call of Duty dominate for even longer.

"This Activision acquisition strikes fear in us because it makes it so much more obvious - maybe they could dominate the rest of the year and then what do we do?"

So, some devs are worried that more AAA content on Game Pass will hurt indie discoverability. For others, it's the prospect of players not wanting to buy their games outside of Xbox Game Pass. Yura Zhdanovich, founder and game director at Sad Cat Studios ponders whether in future, indies will get attention outside of subscription services.

"Conceivably, indie games outside of these services might lose engagement as subscribers focus most of their attention on games they can access for free within the service..."

Xbox's Sarah Bond counters these points, with a data-driven example. Bond told the BBC that 60% of those who tried Human Fall Flat on Game Pass had never played a puzzle game before, and 40% of those players then went on to buy another puzzle game.

Do you think more AAA titles on Game Pass will hurt indies? Let us know below.

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