We've heard debates about Xbox's Games Pass model and how sustainable it is, but one company that's all in is The Gunk publisher Thunderful Games.

In a new interview with Windows Central, Thunderful's Chief Games Officer (and former ID@Xbox guy) Agostino Simonetta has reiterated how this relatively new model can have a positive impact on both bigger and smaller developers - making titles accessible to the masses and resulting in "great business" for companies:

"When we launched The Gunk, it was so fantastic for the team to see hundreds of thousands of people playing immediately... Some indies have been able to deliver their vision, and launch their product as a result of support from Game Pass... Any business model that enables a company like Thunderful, or bigger or smaller, to have a great business is more than welcome."

As for the Activision Blizzard King acquisition, Simonetta believes Xbox is now in a "better position than ever" to reach billions of players and thinks developers of all sizes will still continue to have a strong relationship with Xbox. This obviously includes Thunderful:

"From Thunderful’s perspective, this does not signal the beginning of the end for indie publishers working with Xbox, we have a strong relationship with Xbox as well as other platforms and have zero doubts regarding Xbox’s commitment to independent games and development teams. Independent games are part of the fabric of the games industry, gamers love them, and are a huge source of innovation that no platform can ignore."

Simonetta has mentioned previously how "instrumental" Xbox and Game Pass were when bringing The Gunk to market.

Yesterday the PowerWash developers FuturLab announced Ikaro: Will Not Die in partnership with Thunderful Games during Xbox's Partner Preview showcase. You can learn more about this upcoming release for Xbox Series X|S and in our previous coverage here on Pure Xbox:

Have you tried out any Thunderful games on Game Pass? Do you play indie games often on this service? Tell us below.

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