Xbox Game Pass Leads To Huge 'Player Engagement' Spike For Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights was a pretty major Xbox Game Pass drop last month - sure, the game didn't get the best reception at launch, but a relatively new 'Batman' game is always going to make a splash on Game Pass - and that it seemingly has!

As posted out by Circana's Mat Piscatella (NPD), 6% of all tracked Xbox Series X|S players tried out Gotham Knights when it was first added to the Game Pass library last month. That's compared to a measly 0.3% before its arrival.

Interestingly, the game also went to 'PlayStation Plus Extra' later that month - and its addition there didn't have as much of an overall impact on the PlayStation platform. The two ecosystems have now evened out in regards to Gotham Knights players, but Xbox Game Pass seemingly had a bigger impact on arrival.

Of course, the title would have likely had a bigger impact on PlayStation if it landed on PS Plus Essential - but the same could be said about the newly-formed Game Pass Core library. Anyway, it's interesting to see how big Game Pass drops like this have a substantial impact on a game's player base - even when something like Gotham Knights is a year old at this point!

We were more positive than most in our initial Gotham Knights write-up from last October - we reckon this one is absolutely worth playing, especially now that it's on Xbox Game Pass.

What do you think to these NPD stats? Let us know if you've played Gotham Knights on Xbox Game Pass already!