Two Games Are Available Today With Xbox Game Pass (April 30)

Welcome to your latest Xbox Game Pass roundup! We initially thought we'd have just the one title to tell you about today, but a surprise addition from Xbox's April indie showcase means we now have two new Game Pass arrivals.

So, here's a quick introduction to the both of them:

Have A Nice Death (Console, PC, Cloud)

"Have a Nice Death is a 2D action roguelike where you play as an overworked Death, whose employees have run rampant, completely throwing off the balance of souls - and his vacation plans. In order to restore order, you'll have to grab your trusty scythe and show your employees who's boss."

The Rewinder (Console, PC, Cloud)

"The Rewinder is an adventure puzzle game based on Chinese mythology. You play as Yun, the last known Rewinder, who can communicate with spirits and explore other people's memories to alter the past."

Playing either of these new additions? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think down below!

Which Of These Will You Be Playing? (96 votes)

  1. Have A Nice Death69%
  2. The Rewinder31%