Microsoft Gauges Interest In 'Handheld Gaming' Devices With New Survey

An Xbox handheld console is starting to feel more likely than ever, despite rumours of such a device circulating since the heyday of the PSP. Recently, we've read rumours about prototypes, have witnessed Phil Spencer liking tweets about Xbox handhelds, and the Xbox boss has even confirmed that the hardware team is looking into different form factors for future consoles. To add fuel to this raging fire, Microsoft has begun asking fans about this topic too.

As spotted by Windows Central, Microsoft has been sending out surveys about 'handheld gaming' devices - specifically, "new handheld gaming PCs". The team is asking users about the likelihood of them buying a new handheld gaming PC, and how they feel towards the Xbox/Windows brands if they own an existing option on the market.

Here's an example of the email being sent out to an existing owner:

We haven't had these emails ourselves so we can't show you the exact questions here, but the original Windows Central post does showcase them, if you'd like to see what all the fuss is about. These are by no means confirmation that a handheld device is in the works over there at Microsoft HQ, but it's certainly an interesting wrinkle in this ongoing saga.

Do you think this could actually happen? Tell us what you think about these surveys down below.