Ps Plus Vs Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation has officially revealed its new tiered subscription plans, with three levels available to players. Each level includes a range of different benefits, with some clearly positioned to compete with Xbox Game Pass. So, how do they all compare? And will any of them really rival Microsoft's service? Let's take a look.

PlayStation Plus Essential Vs. Xbox Game Pass

The 'essential' tier of Sony's new subscription service is exactly the same as the previous PlayStation Plus offering. So, you'll get a couple of monthly games, PS store discounts, cloud storage for game saves and of course, online multiplayer access.

This service is broadly on par with Xbox Live Gold, even if PlayStation's monthly games tend to be higher quality. There's no evolving library of games like Game Pass, and certainly no day one launches for first party games. In the US, PS Plus Essential will be the same price as the standard Xbox Game Pass sub ($9.99), although that Xbox offering doesn't include online play.

In summary, PS Plus Essential is comparable to Xbox Live Gold.

PlayStation Plus Extra Vs. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Okay, so this one is probably the closest we'll get to a proper head-to-head. PlayStation Plus Extra is a new service that bumps the price up to $14.99 a month, exactly the same as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. All of the 'essential' tiers carry over with this Sony service, alongside a PS4/PS5 game library of over 400 games.

That selection will refresh too, so this is essentially PlayStation's answer to the Game Pass library. However, Sony is still being stubborn on including its first party exclusives on day one, so new PlayStation Studios games won't launch on PlayStation Plus Extra.

In summary, PS Plus Extra is comparable to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but it misses day one first party launches, cloud gaming, and EA Play of course.

PlayStation Plus Premium Vs. Xbox Game Pass ??

Now, this is where things get a little muddy. Sony is introducing a new, 'premium' tier of Plus that eclipses the cost of anything currently available on Xbox, at $17.99 a month. The main benefit with this one is classic games, and Sony is essentially adding its PS Now streaming service into the mix here.

Approximately 340 extra games will be added to that 400+ library from Extra, but this time they'll cover PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP era games. PS3 will remain stream-only, just like PS Now, while the other three systems will have download options.

PlayStation Studios' brand new releases still don't launch in the 'premium' service, which is a bit baffling to us. Oh, and Xbox includes classic games within both of its normal Game Pass tiers, so Premium looks like a bit of a head scratcher. Sony is clearly banking on its storied history with this top-tier sub, and we'll see if that strategy works out.

In summary, PS Plus Premium is basically Game Pass Ultimate again, with a larger, generation-spanning library and game trials, but it still misses out on day one first party launches, and EA Play.

Will We See A New Game Pass Tier From Xbox?

As things stand, Microsoft has not hinted at anything new for Xbox Game Pass. Xbox's 'ultimate' subscription covers all of these PS Plus tiers and then some, and we can't see Microsoft wanting to further complicate Game Pass.

For now, Game Pass Ultimate reigns supreme on Xbox, and indeed PC, but we're intrigued to see how PlayStation's new services evolve over time, just like Xbox Game Pass has.

What do you make of these new PlayStation Plus offerings? Will they compete with Game Pass? Let us know your thoughts below.

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