Xbox Boss Makes Time To Help Mentor Game Critics In New York

It's safe to say that Phil Spencer has been busy as of late, right? The Xbox boss has been doing his fair share of travelling and meeting dev teams recently as Microsoft wraps up its ActiBlizz purchase, but as we've come to expect from the main man, he's also made time for a less high-profile trip this week.

Yep, after "traveling for the last number of weeks as he reaches out to various games teams after Microsoft’s Activision/Blizzard acquisition", Phil visited the 'New York Videogame Critics Circle' to mentor some young writers as they make their way into the industry. The group was appreciative of Phil's presence, and it sounds like the Xbox boss had a great time too.

"Thanks for the opportunity. Amazing group smart about the game industry, insightful about trends they are seeing and inquisitive about the impact they can have. I had a great time listening and discussing an industry we all love. Future of our industry is in good hands."

It's really good to see Phil interact with these sorts of industry folks - he'd definitely have a reason not to given they may well be critical of Xbox some day! The Xbox boss can take fair criticism though, as we soon realised from the fallout after the release of Redfall.

Anyway, congrats to these lucky writers who likely got some great tips from the man himself! Now, Phil, we're not too far away if you ever fancy a mentoring trip across the pond!

What tips would you try and eek out of the Xbox boss? Tell all down in the comments section below.

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