Phil Spencer

In the same appearance on the Official Xbox Podcast, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer mentioned how he's "incredibly excited" about the future of Xbox now that Microsoft has successfully acquired Activision Blizzard as well as the mobile giant King.

Reflecting on his own history as the head of Microsoft's gaming division, Phil noted how he's also personally more excited than he's ever been in his role, even if he is a "little intimidated" by the sheer amount of teams he's now leading.

He's always considered "a strong creative organisation" to be a critical path forward for Xbox, which is now being truly realised:

"When I think about now, the breadth of players that we have - creators from Candy Crush to Hearthstone to Starfield to Minecraft to State of Decay 3, you have a breadth of creations that want to come out on our platform and other platforms and what can we do to enable that... I am more excited about being here than I've ever been.

...The growth in our creative capability was something I thought was important from the beginning...our first acquisition was Minecraft, then we went through Double Fine, Undead, Playground, Ninja...we added a bunch of teams and then Bethesda and now Activision Blizzard King"

Earlier in the podcast, Phil also addressed a hot topic online about the whole deal being "done" and at the "end". While the court battle has come to a close, the head of Xbox wants to remind everyone that this is "just the beginning":

"I think the regulatory process took so long that it almost felt like the goal itself was to get through the regulatory process, that's just the beginning , in fact, this evening I'm flying to Stockholm to see the King team, it's a team I don't know that well...but I'm really excited seeing the teams...the following week I'm going down to Southern California I'll go to Blizzard, I'll go see Activision and to me when I think about where we're trying to go it always starts with the teams."

Are you as excited as Phil is about the future of Xbox now that the ABK deal has gone through? Tell us below.