Hot on the heels of its winter update, developer Poncle has announced another major content drop for Vampire Survivors - with an entirely new game mode in the mix for version 1.8. 'Adventures' will debut in the game's next big update, "coming soon" to the Xbox Game Pass title.

These adventures provide a story-based spin on existing levels, featuring "wacky sidequests" with "unique progression paths". Here's a full description of the new mode, straight from the team:

"Adventures are self-contained miniature story modes that remix the game's content, following the Survivors cast on a series of wacky sidequests. Each Adventure will offer a unique progression path, giving the player an opportunity to start from scratch and face custom challenges with a limited arsenal - without losing their precious unlocks in the main game."

Poncle hasn't locked down a release date for update 1.8 yet, but the team has said that a "handful" of these miniature story modes are set to feature when the patch does arrive. You can expect it to be free on Xbox Game Pass sometime in the near future, and you can learn more about these adventures via the mode's new FAQ page.

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