Developer Poncle is here with the Vampire Survivors v1.7 patch, and it sounds like a pretty major update for all players - including those on Xbox Game Pass.

Packed into version 1.7 of Vampire Survivors are additions such as a new winter-themed stage, six new achievements, two new relics, a new weapon, a new character and some fresh music in the form of the 'Remedy in the Snow' track.

There's more featured here as well, including some additional cheat codes, and it's all free for existing owners and players who're getting their vampiric fix on Xbox Game Pass.

We'll drop the full Vampire Survivors v1.7 patch notes down below.

Vampire Survivors v1.7 Patch Notes - Tweaks And Fixes

  • Added more treasure chests in Il Molise
  • Fixed weapon spacing in arcanas list to accommodate new weapons.
  • Fixed text overlap in collection where there are 3 line descriptions.
  • Fix for some missing translations in the options menu.
  • Fixed Je-ne-viv world eater logic causing slowdown.
  • Fixed bought character's in secrets menu.
  • Fixed revive animation not being scaled correctly.
  • Fixed issue with Je-ne-viv crashing Il Molise.
  • Fixed quit button audio cutoff.
  • Fixed bestiary enemies scaling up and down incorrectly.
  • Fixed resolution dropdrop displaying incorrect resolution.
  • Fixed Cosmic Egg display in Bestiary.
  • Fixed World Eater crashing with lots of eggs.
  • Fixed Trinacria in Bestiary.
  • Fixed Bestiary Information cutoff/display issues.
  • Fixed incorrect No Future particles.
  • Fixed Hellfire projectile rotation on bounce.
  • Fixed Goshadokuro losing it's head in the Bestiary.
  • Fixed Directer fight inconsistencies vs old engine.
  • Fixed the pause menu not animating the first time it is opened.
  • Fixed missing red death particles in Holy Forbbiden.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese display name on the languages page.
  • Updated pickup logic to better match old-engine behaviour.
  • Minor optimisation on damage number display.
  • Removed incorrect screen flash on Gorgeous Moon.
  • Removed various flashes if Flashing VFX is disabled.
  • Added translations for "Mobile FAQ".
  • Added bounds on death particles.
  • Added missing flash vfx on Directer intro.

Are you still playing Vampire Survivors on Game Pass? Let us know if you're diving into this winter update!