Xbox Owners Are 'Moving To New Zealand' Again For Forza Motorsport

It's finally almost time for the highly-anticipated launch of Forza Motorsport, with early access beginning this week on October 5th, and Xbox fans have already started talking about plans to "visit New Zealand" to begin playing a little early.

Yes, the biggest open secret in the history of Xbox appears to be returning once again for Forza Motorsport, as most countries (including New Zealand) are getting a midnight local time release. Midnight in New Zealand corresponds to 6am PT / 9am ET / 12pm BST on October 4th, so it's a very big difference!

Here's a look at what some members of the Forza community have been saying about the news:

Switching regions on Xbox is as simple as going into the Settings menu and finding New Zealand in the location menu, but we must stress that this is something to do at your own risk. Xbox fans have been using the trick for a long time and Microsoft has never seemed bothered, but there's always the possibility of that changing. If you want to be safe and avoid any potential issues with your account, it's best to just wait it out. You've been warned!

For those who are interested in picking up the early access for Forza Motorsport, we've provided a guide to everything you'll get in the Premium Upgrade bundle elsewhere on Pure Xbox - we think it's a pretty good deal if you're interested!

Will you be making use of the New Zealand trick for Forza Motorsport? Let us know down below.