GameSir Unveils 'Groundbreaking' New Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller

We've spoken before about how we love GameSir's offerings when it comes to Xbox Cloud Gaming (the X2 Pro is still the one we're using all the time), and the company continues to pump out fresh designs such as the new "X4 Aileron".

What's interesting about the X4 Aileron is that it features a two-piece design for portability's sake - it essentially splits into two so you can put it in your pocket, and then joins together magnetically when you want to play something.

Other features here include Hall Effect Sticks to help avoid drifting, "E-Sport level" Microswitch buttons which are also interchangeable, and an "ultra-responsive" Bluetooth connection. Additionally, the design of the controller means you can attach phone coolers and wireless chargers without being forced to stop playing.

Something to note, however, is that the GameSir X4 Aileron is only targeted at Android devices (at least for now), and as mentioned, it's a Bluetooth device - which means you don't get the direct USB-C connection that you do in some of GameSir's other controllers. If you want a direct connection, there are plenty of other great options available!

We'll throw more details about the X4 Aileron down below, along with some screenshots.

"GameSir, a leading provider of innovative, high quality gaming peripherals, is thrilled to unveil its latest masterpiece, the X4 Aileron, a groundbreaking mobile controller that redefines gaming. The cutting-edge telescopic controller has been meticulously designed to accommodate most Android devices and allow mobile gamers to enjoy ultra-responsive Bluetooth connection and low-latency play, anywhere, anytime."

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