Alright, so you want to play Forza Motorsport this week? There's a way to do that with the Premium Upgrade, otherwise known as the Premium Add-Ons Bundle, and it's a substantially cheaper option for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Instead of paying an eye-watering £89.99 / $9.99 for the standard Premium version, the Forza Motorsport Premium Upgrade costs just £29.99 / $39.99 (even less with a 10% Game Pass Ultimate discount), and the only thing it doesn't include is the base game itself. In other words, if you're planning to play Forza Motorsport on Xbox Game Pass anyway, the Premium Upgrade is tailored specifically to your needs.

Let's take a look at everything that's included in the Forza Motorsport Premium Upgrade:

5 Days Of Early Access

Forza Motorsport Premium Upgrade: Everything You Need To Know

This is pretty self-explanatory! By picking up the Forza Motorsport Premium Add-Ons Bundle, you get five days of early access, meaning you can start playing the game on October 5th rather than its official launch date of October 10th.

Forza Motorsport Race Day Car Pack

Forza Motorsport Premium Upgrade: Everything You Need To Know 1

The Race Day Car Pack is included in the upgrade, and includes eight new-to-Forza cars that have been "built exclusively for the racetrack" including the 2018 Acura #36 NSX GT3 and 2017 Vauxhall #66 Power Maxed TAG Racing Astra.

Forza Motorsport Car Pass

Forza Motorsport Premium Upgrade: Everything You Need To Know 2

This is a big one! The Forza Motorsport Car Pass features no less than 30 new-to-Forza cars that will be delivered to your game on a weekly basis (one per-week). Microsoft also says that "your first redemption of every car in the Car Pass is granted at no additional in-game credit cost".

Forza Motorsport VIP Membership

Forza Motorsport Premium Upgrade: Everything You Need To Know 3

The VIP Membership for Forza Motorsport basically means that you get a bunch of extra in-game rewards. For example, there's a permanent 2x credits boost, specially modified custom cars, exclusive VIP Driver Gear and more.

Forza Motorsport Welcome Pack

Forza Motorsport Premium Upgrade: Everything You Need To Know 4

Finally, the Forza Motorsport Welcome Pack in the Premium Upgrade kickstarts your playthrough with an immediate $500,000 bonus and five car unlocks. Nothing too crazy, but a nice offering all the same!

Is it worth it? The answer will be different for everyone, but if you're really looking forward to Forza Motorsport and expect to be playing it for a long time to come, the extra bonuses in the Premium Upgrade are pretty neat.

For Xbox Game Pass members who aren't quite so bothered about the game's launch, or simply don't care for these extra features, there are only five extra days to wait until the racetrack opens to everyone. Patience is a virtue!

We polled the Pure Xbox community last week about whether you were planning to pick up the early access for Forza Motorsport, and the majority of you told us you weren't interested. Any changes since then? Tell us below.

What do you think of the whole "Premium Upgrade" structure for new Xbox releases? We'd love your thoughts!