Rumour: The First Red Dead Redemption Could Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 has been on Xbox Game Pass before, but a new rumour is suggesting that the famous developer could be planning to bring the original Red Dead Redemption to the service for the very first time.

As posted over on Reddit, a fan has found a string of code within the Red Dead website that lists where RDR can be played. The coding reads as follows: 'Available for Nintendo Switch, PS3, PlayStation Plus Premium for PS4 and PS5, Xbox 360, and Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S'.

Here's evidence of the list:

For what it's worth, the game isn't on PS Plus Premium right now either despite the above mention - but the sequel did just get announced for PS Plus Extra this week. On Xbox the game is part of the GTA+ subscription service, but the Xbox 360 title has never been on Game Pass up to this point.

This whole thing is just a rumour for the moment and could even be some sort of mistake within the Red Dead website, so it's best to wait and see about any potential announcements on this one. It'd certainly be strange to see a random backwards compatible classic get added to Game Pass in 2024, but, stranger things have happened!

Would this tempt you into a Red Dead replay? Drop your thoughts down below.