Report: Call Of Duty 2024 Will Launch Day One On Xbox Game Pass

A new report has just dropped that claims Activision's upcoming 2024 Call of Duty title will be included in Xbox Game Pass on day one. The Wall Street Journal is the source on this one, with the outlet claiming that the plan is "expected to be announced at the company’s annual Xbox showcase next month".

About a week ago, Xbox's Sarah Bond doubled down on Microsoft's commitment to Game Pass, reiterating that Xbox will be bringing its titles to the service "across the whole slate". Of course, today's report backs that up, even if Bond didn't state Call of Duty specifically.

Over in a separate article at The Verge, Tom Warren says that Activision is "currently targeting a late October release" for what is expected to be a Gulf War-themed Call Of Duty Black Ops title. Warren also mentions his previous report that Microsoft may be debating another Game Pass price rise to accommodate day one Call of Duty arrivals, but that hasn't been confirmed at this stage.

Of course, what has been all-but confirmed is that we're getting a Call of Duty Direct livestream right after Xbox's main showcase in June, so that's where you can expect to see the team officially lay out its Call of Duty 2024 plans. It's worth taking today's reported info with a pinch of salt until that official confirmation comes in from Microsoft.

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