Xbox's Phil Spencer appeared today as part of the Official Xbox Podcast, where he was asked about potential plans to go and revisit older franchises now that Microsoft owns Activision Blizzard and its extensive back catalogue.

In response, Spencer explained that he's eager to see what the development teams want to create and what they feel motivated by, rather than focusing on building things that are motivated purely by financial gain, for example.

"I want to make sure that when we're going back and visiting something, that we do it with our complete ability - a motivated team that wants to go and work on something and make a difference."

Spencer then went on to admit that Xbox has done an "OK job" rather than an "A+ job" at revisiting old franchises so far, suggesting that Xbox Game Pass could potentially allow for a couple of "revisited" games from the Xbox portfolio to crop up every year - something along the likes of the Quake 2 remaster that arrived a couple of months ago.

"I do think with Game Pass, we have the ability to maybe pick a couple franchises every year and almost do like a 'revisited'... "

"If teams want to go back and revisit some of the things that we have and do a full focus on it, I'm going to be all-in on that."

"I think about things like the Quake 2 remaster that just came out, I thought that was awesome. They did a real good job revisiting a game, making it current, but also not leaving the history behind. So I'd love to see more things like that."

The Xbox boss is clearly interested in digging into some of these classics a bit more then, and there's so much potential even beyond Activision Blizzard (Banjo Kazooie, anyone?). That said, a quick cash grab isn't in anyone's best interests, and Spencer is keen to make sure that everything in the portfolio is treated with the utmost respect.

Which older franchises would you like to see revisited? Let us know down in the comments below.