Xbox Game Pass Helps The Texas Chain Saw Massacre To Huge First-Month Milestone

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre sliced and splattered its way onto Xbox Game Pass last month, and the team's decision to launch on Microsoft's service day one seems to have worked wonders for the title and its player base.

As announced by the game's official Twitter account, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has seen four million players attempt to escape its wrath in the month-or-so since launch. Impressive stuff!

Now, we don't know the Xbox Game Pass-to-premium purchase split here, but we'd imagine the subscription service has contributed a healthy amount of those players so far. It was certainly an attractive title for Game Pass during the month of August!

Let's hope this influx of players keeps up and that the game manages to maintain a healthy population in the long run. We wouldn't want it to go the same route as Evil Dead: The Game, which just announced that any future content plans have been pulled - presumably due to a lack of online players.

Have you tried out The Texas Chain Saw Massacre yet? Let us know if you're one of the 4 million who've jumped in!