Here's What The Critics Are Saying About The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Today's the day for the Texas Chain Saw Massacre reviews! A bunch of them have just dropped for the upcoming Xbox Game Pass title, so we can finally get an idea of just how good this game will be when it arrives on Friday, August 18th.

It seems the majority of reviews have been for the PC version so far, so it's worth keeping that mind. Nevertheless, we expect the game to perform very similarly on Xbox, aside from the worse frame rate on Xbox One and Series S.

Without further ado, here's a look at what some critics are saying about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

PCGamesN (8/10)

"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a killer game for fans of the asymmetrical horror genre, thanks to its beautiful maps, varied gameplay, and unique 4v3 balance. Faithful to the 1974 movie, this one is a pleasure for horror fans, but whether it can stand the test of time like the film itself remains to be seen."

The Gamer (4/5)

"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the asynchronous horror game fully realised. It weaves the horror of one of the slasher genre’s most guttural and unsettling movies with the thrill of Dead by Daylight’s action beautifully and stands a chance at finally offering a true competitor in the genre."

Shacknews (8/10)

"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a splendid new entry in the asymmetrical multiplayer family. Its recreation of the characters and locations from the 1974 movie is deeply impressive, as it’s abundantly clear that authenticity was a top priority during development. It helps to enhance the exhilarating gameplay, though I do worry about its approachability given the deep systems and mechanics."

Windows Central (3.5/5)

"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre poetically embodies a transformative moment in horror cinema through a modernized online multiplayer vessel. It might be a little rough around the edges in some regards and lack an extensive suite of game modes, but the core experience is undeniably Texas Chain Saw.

IGN (6/10)

"I have little doubt that in a year or two, when they’ve added more scenarios and maps, fixed the most pressing technical issues, and maybe thought up a better way for newcomers to learn how to play, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will become a staple in my growing asymmetrical horror games library. For now, however, my recommendation comes with a lot of caveats."

GamesRadar (Review-In-Progress)

"I'm terribly conflicted about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. On the one hand, it takes almost everything I love about the asymmetrical horror genre and improves upon it, and yet it commits a number of sins even less forgivable than the spelling of "chainsaw" as two words in the game's official title."

In general, there's a lot of positivity surrounding The Texas Chain Saw Massacre based on these early reviews, although a few outlets have also indicated some concerns - such as IGN and GamesRadar as shown above.

We'll be able to discover just how enjoyable it is for ourselves when the game launches day one on Xbox Game Pass later this week. For what it's worth, it looks like it'll hover around the 70 mark on Metacritic over the next few hours.

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