Starfield's Game Pass Upgrade Is Currently The Best-Selling Item On Xbox

Starfield's early access period lasts for a couple more days before the base game launches worldwide, and it's looking like those few days of early play have been very enticing for Xbox players - especially those subscribed to Game Pass.

Microsoft's 'Premium Edition Upgrade' for Starfield, aimed squarely at Game Pass players who want to play ahead of launch, is the top-selling 'game' on Xbox Live right now - in both the UK and the US. Here in the UK, the full £100 premium edition of the game is right there at number 2, while that same top-dollar premium edition takes the number 3 spot in the US.

Starfield's Game Pass Upgrade Is Currently The Best-Selling Item On Xbox 2

What's more, Starfield's early access success isn't even limited to digital sales. Also in the UK, that Premium Edition Upgrade is coming in at number 7 in the boxed sales charts right now, according to That's pretty impressive, especially when you consider the upgrade is basically code-in-a-box DLC rather than a full game release.

For those of you who've managed to resist the temptation of early access, Starfield makes its standard edition debut on Xbox Game Pass this Wednesday, September 6. Looking at how many concurrent players have booted up Starfield so far (Steam-only figures), we're going to guess that lots and lots and lots of Pure Xbox readers will playing Xbox's new RPG this week.

Have you played some Starfield in early access? Let us know if you've been convinced into jumping in early down below!

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